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Clothing Boutiques

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Specialty LED Lighting Solutions for Clothing Displays

Retail Display Merchandised with regular LEDs (left pic), compared with Promolux LEDs (right pic)Promolux LED is the LED Division of Promolux Lighting. Promolux LEDs are high color definition LEDs ideal for both food and non-food merchandising.

Using the same Promolux color formula specified by major retailers worldwide, Promolux LEDs use less energy, last twice as long as fluorescents and should always be used in applications where good color presentation is critical.

When shopping for clothing, we have all been suffered from improper lighting. For example, selecting a sweater and not being able to tell if it’s navy blue, royal blue or black. So what do we do? Typically what we do is take that article of clothing to the window to look at it under natural light.

Promolux LEDs give true and precise color representation, so even colors with only slight differences can be seen. When displaying clothing and other retail displays under Promolux LEDs, your customers will appreciate your commitment to quality merchandising.

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Blue-Jeans-on-Shelf Close-Up-of-Suits-on-Hanger Blue-Shirts-on-Mannequins