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Specialty LED Lighting Solutions for Floral Displays

White Pink FlowersImpulse purchases account for large portions of floral sales, so floral display cases must be brightly lit to attract customers. Often however, the right lighting is not used, and displays have an over emphasis on yellows while most other colors are washed out and faded. Additionally, hot spotlights, accent lights, and task lights cause fresh flowers to wilt and dry out.

Promolux LEDs emit less physical heat than regular LEDs (and fluorescents for that matter) and filter portions of visible spectrum that damage fresh flowers. The balanced spectrum of Promolux LEDs make them ideal for floral merchandising; every color is shown equally, colors pop and are vibrant!

When it comes to fresh floral merchandising and protection there is simply no other LED that can compare to Promolux.

Promolux 2016 Product Catalog for Non Food ApplicationsClick here for the Promolux catalog of LED products for non-food retail displays
Create stunning floral displays with Promolux Promolux LEDs increase impulse sales Vibrant floral displays with Promolux Promolux LEDs keep flowers fresh & showcase them in the best possible light
Outdoor flower market in Nice, France Street flower shop with colourful flowers flowers outside a florists shop. Photo by Deddeda Stemler