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Introduction to Specialty LED Display Case Lighting

Lighting sets the stage for many store owners. Accent lighting is used to create a mood or atmosphere that puts the shopper at ease and directs them throughout the store. Display case lighting is no different. When it comes to merchandising and the presentation of foods, lighting that accentuates the natural colors and freshness of the product and packaging is where a retailer can really stand out.

Image of Supermarket Led case lightingThe popularity of LED lights is providing food retailers with another way to merchandise display cases and achieve exceptional high definition color and long-term savings.

"PLED" is the new line of LED's by PROMOLUX, a world leader in specialty food lighting. Our PLED brand of LED display case lamps uses custom phosphor technology to really achieve the best merchandising and presentation possible through customized color. As with our standard line of PROMOLUX fluorescents, our lighting products are a specialty light ideal for all types of food retail showcases (especially service cases) including: meat, seafood, deli, bakery, and floral displays.

Fresh Meat Displays

Image of Gourmet Butcher Shop LED Display Case Lights

For gourmet food retail shops and boutique food markets the ability to differentiate and capture shoppers' attention is paramount to imcreasing sales and shopper retention. PROMOLUX energy efficient LED lighting for retail food displays offers store owners the opportunity to remarket their display showcases for maximum benefit. The PLED line of LED food merchandising lamps provides superior color, clarity, brightness and performance while reducing servicing and maintenance costs associated with standard light systems.

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PROMOLUX True Color Definition LED Lamps

Image of Grocery Store LED Refrigerated Case Lights

PROMOLUX LED lamps are engineered using the latest LED technology with top quality components. They truly are a specialty LED lamp; there is no comparison in color and quality with other standard LED's on the market.

If you are looking to outfit your refrigerated cases including service, cooler or freezer cases with LED lights, then the PLED line is the LED retail lighting solution that will offer you the best performance and quality for your food showcases!

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PROMOLUX LED food lamps are designed for the highest true color definition and long term performance.

Clear, crisp, vibrant displays are hard to ignore. Dull, lack lustre displays are.

DON'T waste your efforts, your time and your merchandise; use PROMOLUX LED's in your retail display cases and lure your customers in.

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