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1. PROMOLUX Introduction

2. How PROMOLUX can Add Value to your Business

3. Additional Features of PROMOLUX Commercial Lighting

4. Examples of Applications where PROMOLUX is used

5. How to Become a PROMOLUX Distributor

PROMOLUX Introduction

PROMOLUX lamps apply Balanced Spectrum technologyPROMOLUX Lighting International is the first manufacturer to develop a light source that combines superior color rendering with reduction of harmful radiation.

A pioneer in the field of fluorescent lamp and LED production technology, PROMOLUX lamps and LEDs apply Balanced Spectrum technology, a proprietary phosphor-coating process that produces a natural, balanced light and filters out damaging Ultraviolet, Infra-Red and visible spectrum wavelengths.

PROMOLUX lamps and LEDs have been used in the food industry for over three decades, helping supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries display perishables in favorable light and protecting items from drying, fading and bacterial degeneration. During the last several years, retailers of heat and color sensitive products such as leather, flowers and cosmetics, have also started specifying PROMOLUX lamps.

Most recently, PROMOLUX fluorescent lamps and LEDs are being requested for a number of new and exciting applications, such as medical and dental procedures, museums, auto shops and other industry applications where true color or low radiation are critical.

PROMOLUX can Add Value to your Business

PROMOLUX believes that as competition increases in the distribution of standard lighting products, it is no longer viable for many lighting resellers to compete solely on their low-cost, generic lamp accounts. In order to generate higher margin sales many distributors are entering niche lighting markets and moving toward distribution of more specialized lines, such as PROMOLUX.

PROMOLUX offers a number of important advantages to such distributors:

    a) PROMOLUX Provides Solutions
    The single most valuable aspect of distributing PROMOLUX is that it is a unique product for which there is growing demand. Whether used in food, retail or other applications, PROMOLUX lamps present products in their best light by producing outstanding color with low glare.

    Promolux lamps have a balanced spectrumPROMOLUXs Balanced Spectrum coating allows the natural colors in products to appear vibrant and distinct. Through superior color rendering, our lamps help retailers successfully merchandise a variety of products sold on eye appeal, and eliminate many of the problems associated with standard lighting.

    In addition, our lamps reduce damaging radiation which is responsible for drying of products, fading of surface color, and other types of product degeneration. PROMOLUX lamps have been tested by independent laboratories and been shown to have 86% lower radiation than regular lamps. This unique feature helps retailers extend product shelf life by 25 to 50 percent, which translates into higher profits for them and a more successful relationship for you.

    b) PROMOLUX Opens Doors
    A second, equally important benefit of distributing PROMOLUX lamps is that it creates many opportunities for new business. Because PROMOLUX is a niche product that solves very specific problems associated with lighting, it is often a product that helps to open new accounts or establish new relationships. As we understand from lighting distributors who supply our lamps, once a customer has been serviced with PROMOLUX lamps it becomes much easier to supply them with other lighting products.

    Another way that PROMOLUX opens doors is that by nature, it requires regular replacement. The fact that PROMOLUX lamps need to be replaced every couple of years is not only a constant source of revenue, but also creates opportunities for distributors to supply retailers with other equipment on a regular basis. There are always new store openings and new equipment needs to be serviced, and PROMOLUX is the ideal product since it helps establish long-term relationships.

Additional Features of PROMOLUX Commercial Lighting

By working in partnership with PROMOLUX Lighting International you are ensured our commitment to the highest standard of lamp quality and customer service. Our best reference is our twenty plus year record of excellence in Europe and North America and our reputation as the most trusted lighting source for thousands of retailers worldwide.

By working in partnership with PROMOLUX Lighting International you are ensured our commitment to the highest standard of lamp quality and customer service. Our best reference is our twenty plus year record of excellence in Europe and North America and our reputation as the most trusted lighting source for thousands of retailers worldwide.

Additional Features of PROMOLUX Commercial Lighting

Our lamps include a number of quality features that distinguish us from other lamp manufacturers:

    1. Increased Life
    The inert gases and inner vacuum of PROMOLUX fluorescents are calibrated to guarantee maximum life and strong performance in both refrigerated and non-refrigerated cases.

    2. Longer Spectrographic Stability
    Multiple coatings are individually applied and baked on. The result is that PROMOLUX lamps retain their color balance and definition much longer than other lamps, which often lose their original look very quickly.

    3. Reliable in Refrigerated Cases
    All PROMOLUX lamps are silicon coated to ensure reliable start up and performance under cold, refrigerated conditions.

    4. No Black Ends
    All PROMOLUX lamps have two cathode guards that protect the lamp filament from early burn out.

    5. Health Inspector Approved
    PROMOLUX has written approval for fresh food display, such as fresh meat, by food inspection agencies in all states and countries where such approvals are required.

    6. Custom Sizes and Specifications
    PROMOLUX manufactures Fluorescents, Halogens and Incandescents in a variety of sizes and types. In addition, PROMOLUX works with architects and designers to develop custom lamps to meet unique commercial lighting needs.

Examples of Applications where PROMOLUX is used

The following categories provide specific information on how PROMOLUX lamps help meet the unique needs of retailers and other industries:

PROMOLUX Applications

How to become a PROMOLUX Distributor

PROMOLUX commercial lighting offers valuable business opportunities for equipment distributors who wish to improve their sales or expand into new markets. Based on our many successful relationships with other equipment suppliers, we are confident that our lighting system can add significant value to your business and invite you to fill out our online New Distributor Form.

You may also learn more about our specific products by contacting us directly for further information on PROMOLUX commercial lighting products.

To request a custom quote please use our Online Quote Form
or call us (Toll Free) 1-800-519-1222.

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