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Bakery Showcase Lighting

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Promolux Low Radiation Lighting is Food Safe and Profitable for Bakery and Food Display Cases

Baked goods, donuts gourmet baked goods, baked cookies, cakes  birthday cakes, wedding cakes displayed under any kind of lighting fixture for bakery display cases will always suffer damage from the effects of heat and light radiation caused particularly by the infrared, and ultraviolet lights.

Safe Spectrum lamps reduce radiation while maintaining spectacular true color definition of all your fresh bakery goods in bakery shops.

Food Safety and Shelf Life is Serious Business

Changes in appearance, taste and smell quickly become evident in bakery goods displayed under lights.  Exposure to light and oxygen causes lipid oxidation, resulting in discoloration and dryness.  The loss of fresh baked fragrance and crispness not only make baked goods unappealing, but have been proven to indicate diminishing nutritional value, chemical changes and potential acceleration of the growth of dangerous pathogens such as bacteria and mold.

Temperatures above 70°F can cause a white film to form on the surface of chocolate and undesirable chemical reactions can occur in as little as four minutes of exposure to direct sunlight or four hours of exposure to fluorescent lighting.  UV and visible spectrum radiation emitted by conventional bakery display case lighting accelerate the growth of food borne pathogens in confections containing eggs and dairy products, even when the desserts are refrigerated and can ultimately produce the danger of food poisoning. Independent laboratory tests conducted at the University of Zaragoza confirmed that refrigerated bakery products displayed under Promolux lighting have lower surface temperatures and suffer less heat and radiation damage. Lower levels of pathogen growth means that fresh food are safer and have a longer shelf life.

Outstanding Bakery Displays and Merchandising

The pioneer in true and natural color definition lighting, PROMOLUX lighting gives retailers the ultimate merchandising advantage for fresh bakery displays. Unlike general purpose lighting, the balanced full spectrum does not distort colors with too much yellow or green.  Under color balanced lamps, all colors are more vibrant and appealing. 

Approved by health officials for all food displays, PROMOLUX lamps filter damaging radiation, protecting the appearance and flavor of delicate bakery goods and ensuring food safety.