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Promolux Safe Spectrum Lighting FHA 2008

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Asia technology exchange discussions aid supermarket business

Food safety issues are the focus of attention at this years massive Food & Hotel Asia Exhibition in Singapore April 22-25, 2008. Promolux Lighting International is pleased to participate in this major international platform that links food industry manufacturers and buyers throughout Asia.

FHA 2008, Asias largest international Food Hospitality Trade Event, this year features Guy Kurkjian, President of the World Food Safety Organisation, speaking to a Food Safety Forum on significant issues of concern to the food and hospitality industry. The 16th Asian International Exhibition of Food and Drink, Hotel, Restaurant, Bakery and Foodservices, is held at the Singapore Expo Centre, 5 minutes away from the Changi airport. Locate Econofrost and Promolux in Hall 5/5F1-03.

As one of the manufacturers converging in Singapore to bring the worlds best possible technologies to food service industries, Promolux Safe Spectrum Lighting meets with food industry retailers interested in issues of food safety and operating cost reductions. Promolux is a leading manufacturer of Safe Spectrum low radiation lamps designed specifically for food safe merchandising displays.

Promolux calls attention to the importance of using correct specialty lighting for food safe merchandising to overcome merchandising problems of  surface fading, discoloration as well as drying from the evaporation of moisture Ultraviolet radiation emitted by most lighting products not only speeds up the decomposition process, but will also encourage bacterial growth in sensitive perishable merchandise displays. Promolux filters out 86% of the ultraviolet radiation normally emitted by typical fluorescent lamps.

Promolux is known for producing vibrant and natural color for merchandise displays that is very attractive to customers The first manufacturer to develop a light source that combines superior color rendering with reduction of harmful radiation, Promolux invites inquiries about their balanced spectrum lamps for food safe lighting and true color definition at

Econofrost and Promolux can easily become part of every retail stores merchandising strategy.  

Promolux Lights up for FMI 08

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Supermarket specialty products on display at international Food Marketing Institute Show 

Promolux Lighting International joins the high energy and excitement of an international showcase for the supermarket industry on the floor of the Food Marketing Institute Show at the Mandalay Bay Convention Centre in Las Vegas, NV May 5 – 7 2008

Promolux shows their specialty lighting for supermarkets among the vast array of the worlds top food industry products and equipment. Promolux can be found in Booth 83 at the FMI 08 sessions, and will meet with food industry retailers and equipment designers interested in food safety and operating costs reductions.

FMI 08 is billed as the worlds premier food retail industry event and brings together on one show floor a projected attendance of 20,000 visitors, manufacturers and retailers seeking ways to lower costs, increase productivity and improve the shopping experience for customers. Discussions at the forum include the latest economic and consumer trends in the food industry and how to keep business on the cutting edge while meeting the demands of busy consumers.

Promolux is a leading manufacturer of true color definition lighting for merchandising displays, and offers low UV lighting solutions that dramatically improve visual impact and reduce drying and fading of fresh food displays. Promolux food lighting can help extend shelf life of perishable food displays by reducing oxidation and other damaging effects of light. Promolux invites inquiries about their low radiation lamps  designed for fresh food displays about how they help maintain product integrity, color, freshness and the nutritive value of meats, dairy, produce and other fresh food display