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Southern California based Stater Bros Markets retro-fits Econofrost night covers Chain wide.

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

The largest privately owned supermarket chain in Southern California, San Bernardino based Stater Bros markets has recently completed a retro-fit installation of Econofrost woven aluminum heat reflective night covers onto all of their open refrigerated display cases in all 165 stores. A 36% reduction in energy consumption per hour the covers are used and a significant improvement in perishable product appearance and reduction in shrink are key reasons behind the initiative but even more important “Stater Bros are committed to serving their community. Saving energy is an important part of that commitment”. Unprecedented growth in residential and commercial development throughout Southern California’s inland empire has continued to tax an already strained electricity distribution grid. That combined with energy prices which show no sign of stabilizing or lowering, pushed Stater Bros management to consider many different solutions for controlling costs and reducing risk. They found Econofrost night covers gave them the “bang for their buck” they needed.

Energy savings of 36% per hour used along with a rapid response capability to protecting perishable product in the event of a power interruption or brown out made economic sense to Stater Bros management team. However, during the course of extensive testing, additional benefits were uncovered that even further justified the investment…“significantly reduced shrink and discard in perishable departments and such dramatically improved product appearance and integrity”… EconoFrost night covers were an obvious choiceWith a variety of brands of night covers available, the management team at Stater Bros had to consider which product would provide them the greatest performance and value along with the least number of maintenance “headaches” while also achieving their expectations for savings. To do this they launched a program of in-store testing that compared price, performance, service and aesthetics of a number of brands, including Econofrost.

Although Econofrost night covers were considerably more expensive than other brands tested they were found to be more robust, delivered the greatest performance and ease of use and had a much longer serviceable life. Their cost, it was felt, could be amortized over a much longer period of time than other brands, “meaning a much better ROI”. As a partner in their community, Stater Bros Markets are doing their part to conserve energy while contributing in a very significant way to their own “bottom line”. A real win-win for everyone

Promolux Lighting International announces new distributor for Southern Alberta

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Eco Energy Solutions signs on to distribute Safe Spectrum display lighting.
Promolux Lighting International, producerof Safe Spectrum lamps and a leading provider of supermarket lighting products for the retail food industry, today announced that Eco Energy Solutions Ltd. will be distributing Promolux lighting products in the Calgary area.

Commercial retailers and supermarket managers throughout the Southern Albertaregion can now order Promolux lamps by contacting ECO Energy Solutions by calling 403 212-3843.

Region Manager Trevor Brien “We are pleased to workwith Eco Energy Systems to meet the growing needs of supermarkets and food stores in Alberta who are appreciating the benefits of controlling light emissions that cause lipid oxidation and lead to surface damage of foods on the shelf.”
Representative Samantha Criddle adds, “for any food retailer interested in learning more about color balanced display lighting that is safe for perishable products, they can receive a rapid response to their questions or comments through the Live Support feature that is now an integral part of our website

For further information regarding food safe lighting and merchandising solutions that increase consumer acceptance and reduce UV induced damage to color and flavor we also recommend that individuals visit our scholarly site A pioneer in developing a light source that combines superior color rendering that is more attractive to customers while reducing harmful radiation, Promolux Lighting makes specialty lamps for quality commercial displays in all standard sizes and wattages. Promolux calls attention to the importance of using correct specialty lighting for food safe merchandising and manufactures Safe Spectrum low radiation lamps specifically for perishable food displays. Under standard lighting, bacterial growth in sensitive perishable merchandise displays can exceed safe levels. The Promolux Safe Spectrum lamp filters out 86% of the ultraviolet radiation normally emitted by typical fluorescent lamps. Promolux lamps are known for producing vibrant and natural balanced color for merchandise displays and for reduced levels of UV emissions, permitting food displays to stay attractive to consumers longer and suffer less waste.

Promolux Lighting invites inquiries about their balanced spectrum lamps at Market Group Ventures, Inc., the parent corporation for Promolux, is a world leader in providing retail technology solutions for merchandisers.