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Promolux Sales Appointment for Western States

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Market Group Ventures Incis pleased to welcome an experienced Promolux salesman, Mr. Jim Keys, to the sales team of Promolux Lighting International. He will now work exclusively for Promolux, serving current distributors and resellers throughout the ten western American states Jim Keys has 25 years of successful sales to his credit in the food service and food retail industries and has worked as an international, national and regional sales manager. He has sold Promolux lighting and other products to major supermarket and restaurant chains throughout the U.S. and Mexico
Designed for supermarket and food service displays, Promolux lamps produce consistent color rendering over thousands of hours of operation with the highest efficiency in lumen output per watt. The unique multi-layered Promolux coating is made from a proprietary blend of rare earth phosphors, unlike standard single coated lamps, and filters outultraviolet and other harmful wavelengths. Promolux lamps help maintain product integrity, color, freshness and the nutritive value of fresh meats, seafood, deli meats, cheeses and prepared foods, produce, and salads and other fresh foods on display.

MGV Inc., parent company of Promolux and Econofrost night curtains, has supplied technology for the international retail food industry since 1975.

Promolux Introduces Safe Spectrum Lighting to Dubai’s Gulfood International

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Balanced spectrum lamps make debut at international food safety conference. Promolux Lighting International introduced Safe Spectrum lighting for the first time to the middle east’s premier food, hotel and equipment exhibition. Promolux joins retail food distributors and suppliers from around the world at the major food and hospitality showcase, Gulfood International, in the Dubai International Convention Exhibition Center. Promolux is greeting visitors in booth ZA-36, Zabeel Hall, from February 23 through 26, 2009 to show the commercial benefits of using superior color definition lighting for fresh food displays and low UV Promolux lamps help grocers improve their merchandising strategies.

Jamie Orr from Promolux says the popularity of color corrected lamps for food displays is growing rapidly as retailers learn how Safe Spectrum lighting overcomes problems of surface heating, drying and fading of perishables and other food items and eliminates excessive brightness and unnatural yellow hues associated with standard lighting. Promolux promotes awareness of food safety issues in food retailing and alerts display case manufacturers and distributors, design firms, refrigeration equipment distributors, and commercial food equipment distributors to the benefits of commercial food illumination with Promolux color balanced specialty food lighting.

Safe Spectrum by Promolux is a proprietary lamp that produces natural, balanced light, and sets the standard for illuminating food displays in today’s supermarkets. Promolux designed their balanced spectrum low radiation lamps to filter out damaging ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths in the interests of protecting food safety, extending shelf life and maintaining product quality in meats, dairy and all fresh foods. Switching to Promolux lighting is an easy upgrade that brings immediate returns in any store’s food department.

Promolux invites inquiries about their balanced spectrum lamps for food safe lighting and true color definition at

Promolux Safe Spectrum lamps can be purchased in nearly 30 countries and are available in all standard sizes and wattages. Promolux International is the first manufacturer to develop a light source that combines superior color rendering with reduction of harmful radiation. Market Group Ventures, Inc., the parent corporation for Promolux, is a world leader in providing retail technology solutions for merchandisers.