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MGV Welcomes Paola Levet to the Family

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Market Group Ventures Inc. (MGV, Inc.) is very pleased to announce the addition of Paola Levet, to our administrative team for Promolux Lighting International and Econofrost Reflective Night Covers. Paola will be working with our sales team to assist in all aspects of customer service and marketing for both products in our North American and International sales regions.

Paola brings eighteen years experience in Mexico and Canada to MGV, Inc., including positions as Assistant to the Commercial Director for Latin America of Johnson & Johnson and Director of Corporate and Government Relations-Mexico for The Trust for Sustainable Development. She is fluent in English and Spanish and has an International Business Diploma from the Troeller Institute for Global Studies, Mexico City.

We are certain she will be a great asset in our continuing efforts to bring merchandising solutions to supermarkets worldwide.

MGV, Inc. has supplied technology for the international retail food industry since 1975.

New Food Safe Coating For Retail Merchandising Lamps

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Promolux now offers UL approved coated versions of all our supermarket display case lamps for superior food safety control. Promolux is internationally recognized as a leader in true color definition, low radiation lighting ideal for merchandising and prolonging shelf life in meat, seafood, produce, bakery, dairy, floral, deli, and other retail displays.

The safety coating is permanently attached to each fluorescent light bulb and prevents glass shards, mercury, and phosphors from contaminating the food display if the lamp shatters. An added advantage is that the coating blocks UV radiation wavelengths from 100 to 380 nm, making Promolux’s low UV lamp even safer for all retail food applications. Coated Promolux lamps are available in all standard lamp sizes: T5, T8, and T12, in lengths from 12 inches to 8 feet.

All Promolux full spectrum lamps are made with Safe Spectrum technology which prolongs food shelf life by minimizing damaging radiation. In the past, the only way to protect retail food displays from broken light bulbs was to put the fluorescent tube in a loose fitting tubeguard or sleeve which was reused whenever the bulb was changed. However, the bulb was free to roll and move within the sleeve, making it difficult to install the light bulb. If dropped, the bulb easily slipped out of its casing, spilling shattered glass, mercury, and phosphors into food displays.

With prolonged use, tubeguards became discolored, brittle, dirty, and unsanitary. The latest lighting industry technology is to permanently attach a UL approved coating that does not discolor or become brittle to the fluorescent light. In the event that the lamp is dropped or shatters, the coating stays in place and encases the broken glass, phosphors, and mercury, protecting the food display. At the end of the three year life span of the bulb, the coating is discarded along with the lamp, and a new bulb with new coating can be installed in its place.