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Promolux and Econofrost Collaborate with South America’s Top Grocery and Supermarket Retailers

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Super Rio 2011 – South America’s Top Grocery and Supermarket Retailers Discover Products for Greater Sustainability and Cost Savings

It is imperative for today’s supermarket operators to cement their business and future sustainability in a competitive economy struggling with economic turmoil and instability.

For many retailers, this is the perfect time to reflect, re-invent and foster the techniques and principles that strengthen shopper loyalty, demonstrate a commitment in providing top quality and safe consumable items and work towards achieving sustainable, environmentally-friendly business practices.

In the food retail industry where high operating costs and energy consumption erode profit margins, only the resilient and resourceful store owners will succeed and outlast their competitors.

Where Do Retailers Looking for New Technology and Sustainable Products Go?
The upcoming Super Rio trade show in Rio De Janerio (March 23 – 25, 2011) is the ideal venue for grocery vendors, independent store retailers and boutique store owners to connect and discover all the exciting new technologies and products available to this specific industry.

Excited to be participating once again, Econofrost night covers will be on hand in booth #D07 to demonstrate the substantial energy savings and shrink reductions that retailers can achieve by using Econofrost night covers. Simply retrofitting Econofrost energy saving night covers on all open refrigerated equipment can equate to thousands of dollars in savings per department. When you add the savings over the lifetime of the product (up to ten years), the average retailer will save millions.

In addition to energy savings, another key focus of store managers and key personnel will be on strengthening current merchandising techniques with products like Promolux Fresh Food Display Case Lighting. Promolux is industry’s best light that provides the greatest color presentation and product protection for retailers. Grocery departments and specialty stores that use Promolux save hundreds of dollars while improving the shelf life and appearance of fresh foods items.

Sustainable Products Showcased For Retailers
Excited to participate, Antonio Oquendo, Manager for the Latin America & Caribbean Territory, will be on hand to showcase the latest developments in both the Econofrost and Promolux product line.

These two reputable products continue to offer food retailers an effective and affordable way to reduce waste, save energy, lower operating costs and accrue more savings for a healthier bottom line. Many Econofrost and Promolux customers are happy to share their story on how the product benefited their store and the difference it made to their business.

A CLoser Look at Promolux Food Lighting
Retailers Demand Longer Shelf Life Extension and Faster Turn Over of Stock
Providing the highest quality visual merchandising available on the market, Promolux lamps reduce up to 86% of radiations – significantly extending shelf life. As a result, department staff find they use less re-wrap materials, they don’t have to turn and trim the items on display as much resulting in less discarded merchandise and they are selling more items at full market price protecting slim profit margins.

A Closer Look at Econofrost Night Covers
Retrofit Night Covers Are A Cost Effective Way to Reduce Refrigeration Costs and Improve Product Integrity
Retrofit night covers (like the industry standard Econofrost brand) provide grocery retailers with the most effective thermal barrier and commercial refrigeration product for saving energy and improving overall product integrity. Maintaining cooler, more stable case and product temperatures and reflecting ambient radiation away from the case is key to the continued integrity, shelf life and shopper appeal of perishable food items.

Grocers install night covers as a means of drastically lowering operating expenses which include utility costs and the costs associated with product shrink and discard. With many models and sizes designed specifically for a variety of open refrigerated commercial display cases, Econofrost night covers encourage shopper accessibility, reduce costs and provide many years of worry free serviceable life.

Arranging a Trial Demonstration of In-Store Test
For those grocery retailers and independent store owners who are unable to attend this year’s Super Rio trade show, we invite you to connect with us online by visiting our sites ( or To arrange a in-store trial of either of our products call us at 250-743-1222 (toll free in North America at 1-800-519-1222) and let us help you save your business time and money.