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Lighting the way to Savings Promolux: Better Light, Better Value

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Almost every food/grocery store uses lighted display cases to showcase perishable foods for sale. But did you know that the fluorescent lamps in those cases emit radiation that can damage the appearance, quality and texture of the food?

Fluorescent lamps pass electricity through a long tube to excite the electrons in mercury vapor. This produces ultra-violet light which causes the phosphors in the lamp to produce visible light. Light is radiated and is emitted in varying wavelengths that generate visible and non-visible radiation (UV-A, UV-B and UV-C). Certain portions of the wavelength are damaging to food and cause rapid ripening, spoilage and bacteria growth.

Promolux lamps are optimized for fresh food displays and reduce those damaging spectrums by over 86% so perishable foods stay fresh and healthy longer. Using Promolux reduces overhead expenses and provides a better, safer product to consumers.

Unlike average fluorescent lamps, the glass casing used in Promolux lamps actively filters out UV radiation. When installed in food display showcases, this radiation filter helps to protect food items from over-exposure to harmful radiation that can distort items color, smell, and taste.

The high-quality phosphors used in Promolux lamps lead to a longer life for the bulb and permit superior, more natural level of color rendering. Balancing Promolux lamps with the overall lighting scheme of a store will optimize the appearance of food items and increase shopper appeal. Since Promolux lamps are designed and built specifically for food displays, they are available in a wide variety to suit the needs of venues as diverse as restaurants, delicatessens, bakeries and ice cream shops, or large-scale grocery stores.

Food safety and quality is an important factor in the decision-making process of contemporary consumers. With the broader push for safer, healthier foods, shoppers are more conscious than ever of the potentially harmful effects of commercial retail practices. High or fluctuating case and product temperatures due to improper lighting in display cases can lead to bacteria growth, the spread of pathogens and food poisoning.

The engineered control over the intensity and heat emitted by Promolux lamps provides retailers with a level of confidence that the lighting in their cases will not adversely affect the temperature and quality of the food items on display. These controls are especially important for meat counters, fish displays and deli cases where highly sensitive items are merchandised.

Promolux lamps are an affordable, practical lighting solution. Promolux lamps increase the visual appeal of merchandise while reducing product waste. Improper lighting increases shrink and discard rates, which causes overhead costs to rise. Promolux lamps help control those costs and improve overall profitability.

Designed to last for years, Promolux lamps are a sensible long-term investment that saves retailers thousands of dollars over the life of the lamp. Take a few minutes today and get better value for years to come.

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Dishing it out at the Deli

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Dishing Up the Goods with Deli Lighting

For food display cases and refrigeration equipment, proper lighting can reduce spoilage and the risk of health issues. In the food retail industry, display case lighting is the main culprit of deli meats drying out, tasting rancid or off-coloring. All of which cost the retailer time, money and reputation.

Purchasing a superior lighting product, such as Promolux Lighting, is a sound business decision. Installing the right type of food lighting is more than an investment it is a necessary element for the safe and successful merchandising of perishable food items.

The main cause of lipid oxidation

Normal lighting causes lipid oxidation; the reason why meat loses its flavor, color and taste. When food retailers place meat in a display case, it is exposed to varying temperatures making it vulnerable to drying out, rapid spoilage and bacteria growth which can be a serious health hazard.

If dairy products or meats are exposed to fluctuating temperatures they will spoil and make customers sick. Open cases need to be able to remain at a consistent temperature so that even sliced meats stay at their best until the customer takes them home to eat them.

Regular lighting exposes food to ultra violet rays, especially yellow and green portions of the light spectrum, and heat from the bulbs themselves. All of these factors contribute to why meat, dairy products and other types of fresh produce lose their shopper appeal.

Food good enough to eat

In addition to food safety, grocery case lighting needs to make sure that food looks appealing to customers in order to encourage a sale. The right lighting ensures superior color and quality that will make the customer want to purchase the item. Once they bring that item home and taste the freshness and flavor of the product, customers are sure to return for more items.

Special products deserve special attention

Independent and specialty shops often carry expensive items that involve greater care and attention. For these specialty shops, quality product selection and shopper appeal is what differentiates them from the grocer down the street. For these businesses, specialty lighting is even more important. Not only does it keep food fresh and attract customers but it also reduces shrink and discard which, in the specialty food business can be very expensive. When dealing with such delicate products, specialty food lighting guarantees food safety, quality and cost efficiency.

Owning your own store can be an expensive and risky venture. Much of the product has to be brought in from surrounding areas and over great distances before it is unloaded into the display showcase. These sensitive products may have a limited shelf life and unwanted warming, ultra violet rays and lipid oxidation can tip that fragile balance.

The ability to reduce the amount of product spoilage is a sound business tactic. Keeping food at its optimum temperature while displaying its superior quality will help increase sales. Specialty food lamps such as Promolux Lighting helps showcase foods natural colors and increase customer satisfaction and improve your company’s bottom line.

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