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Econofrost new web site

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Shawnigan Lake, BC, April 4, 2012 – ECONOFROST night covers, an industry leader in retrofit, OEM and custom night cover products for commercial refrigeration displays and equipment is excited to announce the redesign of their website, Econofrost night covers have been actively helping fresh food retailers, including both large corporate chains and independent store operators, to conserve energy, reduce food spoilage and minimize operating costs for over thirty years.

While the new website features a more modern look, the primary objective of the redesign was to improve the usability of the site for the group of store retailers, refrigeration contractors, foodservice equipment representatives and energy consultants who visit the site regularly. “There is a wealth of information in terms of the many benefits night covers offer, including industry reports and rebate programs as well as the depth of our own product line,” says Samantha Criddle who helped bring about the new redesign. “My goal was simple, to make it significantly easier for our customers and potential customers to navigate the site and find exactly what they are looking for. And I feel the new design of the site has achieved that.”
The website also includes valuable resources for store owners and refrigeration specialists, including independent reports, grocery store case studies and a payback calculator that illustrates how long it would take for a store to recoup the investment cost of undertaking a night cover project solely on energy savings. Even better, there is a Live Help button which allows anyone on the site to talk to an in-house customer service representative in real time which really strengthens the “connect with us” philosophy that we are continually striving for.
The newest version of the ECONOFROST interactive site just reiterates the excitement and commitment this Canadian based company brings to the industry of retrofit night covers designed for supermarket, grocery and food service operations. Visit to see the exciting new design and the latest in the world of night covers.