July 7, 2014 – SHAWNIGAN LAKE, BC – Market Group Ventures, Inc. (parent company of Promolux LEDs) is pleased to announce that Promolux LEDs are the number one choice for many New York based Coldstone Creamery franchises.


Authorized New York distributor Rite-Way Service Company, installed the Promolux LEDs in the first Long Island Coldstone Creamery in February and word spread quickly between the franchises.


“The owner would have to describe the colors and flavors of the ice cream to his customers because the current lighting in the cases was so poor and completely lacked color,” recounted Rite-Way’s president, Peter Stevenson. “Once the Promolux LEDs were installed in that first store, word spread so quickly of how amazing they made the ice cream look. Not only did the owner want Promolux LEDs installed in his other stores, other franchise owners called me asking for Promolux LEDs”, says Stevenson.


Promolux LEDs come in a variety of sizes and types – from low profile sticks, to rigid bars, flexible tape, T8 & T5 replacement tubes, PARs, GU10s, Low Bay & High Bay and tracking lighting.


Cold Stone Creamery is an American-based ice cream chain based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company’s main business model is franchises and has over 1,400 franchises in operation in the USA. Coldstone Creamery is the 6th bestselling brand of ice cream in the US and operates stores in Asia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Bahrain, UAE, Trinidad and Tobago, Qatar, Nigeria, Kuwait, and The Philippines.


Questions and requests for further information can be directed to Promolux LED regional manager, Scott Werhun (, or Peter Stevenson at Rite-Way Service Company (


For over 30 years Market Group Ventures (Promolux) and has produced innovative retail solutions that merchandise fresh food and save energy – as well as protect and prolong shelf life. With its head quarters and primary warehouse in North America, Market Group Ventures is a global company with offices in Europe and a distribution network that services more than 30 countries worldwide.


CONTACT: Scott WerhunUSA Regional ManagerMarket Group Ventures


Peter StevensonPresidentRite-Way Service

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