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Promolux LEDs & Fluorescents are specifically designed for merchandising & protecting fresh food

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Profitable Niche Market Opportunity


PROMOLUX lights are specifically designed for use with perishable food displays in supermarkets, delicatessens, bakeries, fish & seafood markets, florists and many others.

Balanced Spectrum and low radiation properties provide the most cost-effective benefits to food retailers. Benefits that are easily demonstrated and quickly realized.

Affordable Retail Solutions

Be in a business that provides solutions to problems that todays food retailers are facing. Show them how easily PROMOLUX will help them increase sales through improved visual appeal and how "shrinkage" (product loss) will be reduced. You will be able to show the retailer how they can achieve "payback" on their investment in a very short time period.

Become a lighting consultant who offers ideas and suggestions to retailers that helps to make their business more profitable. Develop a business that provides you with repeat sales opportunities and ongoing profits.

"Ive been promoting and selling PROMOLUX bulbs and Econofrost night covers for more than 12 years and have seen my business grow substantially. These premium quality products offer even the smallest independent store operators the chance to differentiate themselves from corporate stores."
Barry N., Frontline, CA

Untapped Market Potential

PROMOLUX Lighting is a recognized leader in the food safe lighting industry. Our product represents significant savings to many retailers and local shops looking to maximize their visual appeal.

This specialty dealership lighting package that we are offering is a great sales opportunity for anyone looking to market a niche product with enormous market potential.

Display case lighting is a key component to any food retail environment and more and more emphasis is being placed on the merchandising and food safety practices at the retail level.

Retailers cannot ignore the opportunity to extend shelf life and create a visual impact that boosts sales and shopper loyalty. PROMOLUX balanced spectrum low radiation lamps successfully illuminate the natural colors of any product and help sustain its freshness and appearance.

Your Opportunity

The PROMOLUX Dealership is a B2B (business-to-business) opportunity to connect with hundreds of supermarkets, grocery stores, delis, butcher shops, and bodegas at the store level.

The sales opportunity to sell PROMOLUX lighting is experiencing continuous growth in the food retail industry and world-wide brand recognition translates into thousands of dollars in sales!

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