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Meat Rewraps in Grocery Store Meat Cabinets

Meat Rewraps in Grocery Store Meat CabinetsEach year, the US retail beef industry loses up to one billion dollars in lost sales, four to five percent of the wholesale price, due to meat that does not sell because it is no longer blooming, even though this meat is still safe to eat.

The Canadian beef industry loses $200 million per year from vacuum packed meat that spoiled because it did not sell in a timely way.

Meat that doesn’t sell can be sold more cheaply by rewrapping it, such as grinding it, marinating it, or even cooking it, but this still represents a loss in terms of additional labor costs and realizing a smaller profit. Grinding rewrapped meat exposes the meat to air and light and can accelerate bacterial growth.

The best solution is to display the meat to best advantage when it is blooming, which will naturally lead to increased sales allowing the grocery store to realize its full profit.

PROMOLUX True Color Definition Lamps and LEDs

PROMOLUX fluorescent lamps and LEDs are balanced to present the true colors of meat displays, and they emit lower levels of the harmful UV and visible spectrum wavelengths that accelerate color changes, bacterial growth, and the decomposition of meat. A large German supermarket that was losing 150,000 Euros per year in their meat department due to rewrap and spoilage changed all their meat display case lighting to PROMOLUX lamps and as a result reduced their loss by 40% (60,000 Euros). Within three weeks they had a return on their investment.


Consumers judge the freshness of meat by its color, but many lighting sources distort true colors. <more...>

The color of fresh meat is determined by the pigment myoglobin, which undergoes various chemical reactions to form other pigments. These reactions are triggered by light, heat, and oxygen availability. <more...>

The growth of bacteria leads to meat spoilage. Most display case lighting emits radiation which raises meat surface temperatures even in refrigerated display cases, leading to exponential bacterial growth. <more...>

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