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Light and Meat
Spoilage of Fresh Meat in Commercial Showcases

Listeria monocytogenes bacteriaThe growth of bacteria contributes to the discoloration of meat and leads to spoilage. Most display case lighting emits radiation which raises meat surface temperatures even in refrigerated display cases, leading to exponential bacterial growth.

PROMOLUX fluorescent lamps and LEDs emit lower levels of UV and damaging visible spectrum radiation. Grocery stores that switch to PROMOLUX lamps and LEDs soon notice that their meat display cases no longer smell unclean, because the lighting does not heat the blood and residue from meat packages to temperatures that encourage bacteria to grow.

PROMOLUX Food Specific Lamps and LED Lighting

PROMOLUX balanced spectrum fluorescent lamps and LEDs emit lower levels of heat and ultraviolet radiation than regular supermarket fluorescent lamps, thus reducing the rate of meat decomposition. One of the first things that grocery stores notice after they switch to PROMOLUX lighting is that their meat display cases no longer smell unclean, because the lighting does not heat the blood and residue from meat packages to temperatures that encourage bacteria to grow.

In a test conducted in New York, the same display case had two identical packages of liverwurst; the only difference was that one was lit by a PROMOLUX lamp and the other was lit by a regular fluorescent light. After two hours, the difference in temperature was evident as the liverwurst under the PROMOLUX lamp did not smell, while the other one did.

Fresh Meat Displays

Regular supermarket meat display case lighting shortens the brief period when meat is blooming, turning it brown prematurely; increases the rate of bacterial growth; and distorts the meat’s natural color.

Retrofiting meat showcases with low radiation, high color definition and long life fluorescents delivers uncomparable value and savings to a retail operation. Independent grocers and butcher shops work hard to offer their customers premium cuts of meat, that is why it is so important to use a specialty display case light like PROMOLUX. PROMOLUX lamps and LED lighting compliment the merchandising of fresh foods and supports the retention of color, juices and texture all the while helping to extend the shelf life of the perishable food item.


Consumers judge the freshness of meat by its color, but many lighting sources distort true colors. <more...>

The color of fresh meat is determined by the pigment myoglobin, which undergoes various chemical reactions to form other pigments. These reactions are triggered by light, heat, and oxygen availability. <more...>

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