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Promolux LEDs & Fluorescents are specifically designed for merchandising & protecting fresh food

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Light and Meat
Visual Appeal Of Fresh Meat in Supermarket Merchandisers

Consumers judge the freshness of meat by its color, but many lighting sources distort true colors.

When it comes to eye-popping color in every fresh food case there is only one option...PROMOLUX lights. With over 30 years specializing in the merchandising of fresh food displays, presentation, color and product freshness is the backbone to our success. And yours.

Consumers judge the freshness of meat by its color, but many lighting sources distort true colors.

PROMOLUX lamps and LED lighting protect perishable foods like meat and provide retail display cases with the best possible light and color rendering to maximize your merchandising efforts. PROMOLUX lamps are sold world-wide and are known as a leader in food retail merchandising for their showcase appeal and product protection.

What sets PROMOLUX fluorescent lamps and LED lighting apart is its merchandising effect on fresh product. Food counters and display cases that use PROMOLUX house products whose colors are all very deep and visually appealing. PROMOLUX allows each individual color to be shown truly and equally - including whites which are very crisp and clean.

The growth of bacteria contributes to the discoloration of meat and leads to spoilage. Most display case lighting emits radiation which raises meat surface temperatures even in refrigerated display cases, leading to exponential bacterial growth. <more...>

Meat color is a relative phenomenon determined by the spectrum emitted by the light source. Supermarket lights that emit high levels of green and yellow wavelengths and very little of the red and blue wavelengths distort the true color of the meat. <more...>

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