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PROMOLUX Customer Testimonials

Leading Retailers Worldwide are our Best References

"PROMOLUX are the best lamps in the world!"
General Manager, Shang Hai Beef Barbeque restaurant,July 2011

"I love the product and there is nothing I can get my hands on in terms of what PROMOLUX provides. I'm using PROMOLUX in both my meat and seafood service cases and the biggest difference we notice is the bright color it gives the product in the cases."
Store Manager, Yokes Foods, August 2010

"There is a very good presentation in the meat case with PROMOLUX fluorescent lamps. The meat has a good look of freshness and the shrinkage rate is now minimum average of 12.5 pounds a day, versus 55 pounds with regular lamps. The meat used to dry and burn, now the meat last 3 to 4 days with good appeal and with the other lamps we had to discard the meat as shrinkage after one day."
Ismael Sanchez. Store Manager, Super 99 Punta Pacifica

PROMOLUX Cheese Case Testimonial:
"Hi Scott,
I've been working with the PROMOLUX lights, and while this is still very preliminary work, it seems that your lights are doing a fine job of protecting the Natamycin.

The first run I preformed was with regular fluorescent lights with about 1000 lux and the Natamycin had degraded to almost undetectable amounts within 24 hours. The same experiment was run, but this time using the PROMOLUX lights, and resulted, even after 24 hours, fully intact natamycin, which is great!

I'll let you know more information when we get it. Thanks."

Vanessa Elizabeth Teter
Masters Candidate, Food Science, Virginia Tech
314 Clay Street, Apt. #3, Blacksburg, Va 24060

"Nuestras Carnes Frescas, anteriormente duraban de un da para otro con buena apariencia. Instalamos PROMOLUX y ahora permanecen frescas hasta por una semana. Bueno normalmente nunca da ese tiempo, se venden muy rpido por la apariencia, en esto tambin nos ha ayudado PROMOLUX.

Recomiendo las lmparas PROMOLUX. Los clientes vienen al Supermercado por que les gusta como se ve la carne, se dan cuenta que es fresca."


Our fresh meats, used to last from one day to the other with good appealing, after installing PROMOLUX they keep with fresh good appeal for one week. We'll normally display them that long, our meats now sell really fast due to the appeal. In that PROMOLUX has also helped us.

I recommend PROMOLUX Lamps. The customers come to the supermarket because they like how the meats look, they realise is fresh."
Luis Mass (Owner), Fam Coop
Carr. 639 Km. 1.7, Sector Candelaria, Arecibo. Puerto Rico 00688

PROMOLUX Dairy/Cheese Testimonial:

"We recently purchased L70T8 PROMOLUX bulbs for our dairy display case and are pleased with their performance. We are very concerned about the high levels of UV radiation emitted by fluorescent bulbs. Additionally this type of radiation causes vitamin degradation, off flavor development, and the "pinking affect" in cheddar cheese. These problems have been eliminated when we installed your PROMOLUX merchandising lights in our dairy case.

The light emitted from your PROMOLUX bulbs is very appealing and makes our dairy product display case very attractive for our customers. We continue to receive positive customer feedback from our customers. I recommend PROMOLUX bulbs to food companies that provide dairy products in their display cases."
Thomas Palchak
Penn State Berkey Creamery, April 2, 2008

Center Point Foods - PROMOLUX Testimonial

"I have used these lights 10yrs and would not use any other lights. I know first hand how much difference they make in product shelf life. The last store I was at got 3-4 days shelf life, I can get (with PROMOLUX lights) 5-6 days. Most shoppers are lady's, eye appeal is everything. If the meat doesn't look good they won't buy it. PROMOLUX helps it look great and last longer. Thank you PROMOLUX."
Ron Garrett - Meat Department Manager, Date: 6/4/08

"The difference between traditional lighting and PROMOLUX is chalk and cheese. When you see the difference, why wouldn't you change?"
Malcolm van Yssel Dyk, Store Manager
Rainbow SUPA IGA Doonside

"Purchasing the PROMOLUX lamps has been very beneficial for our business. The lights in the deli case have improved our display and extended shelflife on all products which means less waste and an increase in sales."
Ned Ryan, Store Owner, IGA Boonah, Boonah Qld

"Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I had to turn the meats"
Alison, Deli Manager, Rainbow SUPA IGA Doonside

"We have installed PROMOLUX lamps in our Produce, Meat and Deli departments. It really brings out the natural colours that other lamps seem to wash away. They make everything look great"
Robert Lamonica, Store Owner, IGA Haberfield NSW

"We installed PROMOLUX Lamps throughout our meat case to highlight its natural colour rather than use colour tinted flouro's. I was so impressed with the results I also put them in our Fruit and Veg case. It made the produce look so much fresher. We had nearly a $3000 sales increase in our Fruit and Veg department in under two weeks"
Stuart BAIN, Store Manager, QUEENS SUPA IGA

"PROMOLUX lights bring out the natural color of our food; in fact, with PROMOLUX, the color just 'Pops Out!' When we had regular lights in our cases we used to get complaints from customers that when the meat was in the case it looked one way and as soon as they took it out, it looked another way. That caused us so many problems and always threw the customers off. But as soon as we put PROMOLUX in the cases, we never had that problem again. Like I said, PROMOLUX shows the natural color of the food."
Sean Layden (Assistant Team Leader), Whole Foods, West Bloomfield, MI

"I started looking for better lights because on our ice cream we were constantly getting a frost build up and high condensation. I found PROMOLUX on the Internet and they gave me the name of a distributor in my area. When I put PROMOLUX bulbs in my case, I no longer had any trouble with frost build up or condensation. And with PROMOLUX - customers often comment to me that the colors of my ice cream are so bright and vibrant - no matter which flavor. I am in the process of opening another store, and let me tell you - one of the first things I am doing is yanking the regular bulbs out of my case and replacing them with PROMOLUX!"
Scotty Davenport (Owner), The McCall Candy Company, ID

"When we first experimented with PROMOLUX about 2 years ago, I put them in only half of my case, but they were so appealing and made the regular bulbs look awful in comparison that within 2 weeks I put PROMOLUX in the entire case. We now use it for meat, seafood and poultry. With the meats, the marbling is so much better - the whites aren't yellow or faded. The color is much better and it makes our products look nice and pretty. I don't know much about light bulbs, but that's the best way to describe it. Customers comment on our wonderful presentation, and I attribute that to 50% of my wonderful meat cutting and 50% PROMOLUX."
A. J. Lynn (Team Leader), Whole Foods, Plantation, FL

"We bought a new bakery case a couple of years ago and were having trouble with the discoloration and fading of the products. We contacted our distributor to try to find a solution and they recommended PROMOLUX. Before we started using PROMOLUX, our products would fade in 1 day - and it was terrible. But now - with PROMOLUX, we have no trouble with our products are lasting 2 or 3 days. We've saved so much these past 2 years."
Craig Mangold (Owner), Holiday Market, Royal Oak, MI

"We use PROMOLUX in the meat department right now and without a doubt, the color is much better. It makes the product more appealing to our customers - who can be extremely picky. The colors are so brilliant; PROMOLUX adds another life to our presentation!"
Dennis Sealy (Team Leader), Whole Foods, Rochester Hills, MI

"When we switched to PROMOLUX, the difference was amazing and immediate! Now we have absolutely no markdowns or reduced items. Things have improved 100% and I am beyond impressed."
Kenneth Marr (Store Manager Perishables)
McGuire Air Force Base Commissary, Wrightstown, NJ

"We put PROMOLUX in our cases because it makes the products look so wonderful you can’t even describe it."
Wendall Smith (Meat Operations Specialist), DeCA East

"Instead of seeing a bright glaring deli case, you can see bright product that stands out."
Upstate Market, Tonawanda, NY

"Our produce never looked so good. Produce sales are up since installing PROMOLUX."
Cliff Newfield, Ahwahnee, CA

"My hot dogs and sausages would always darken and discolor, now with the new lights (PROMOLUX) my products do not discolor or turn dark."
Jim Terreri, Rochester, NY

"My customers have complimented me on the appearance of my meat case. That is very important to me."
Don Kessler, Kirkville, NY

"An increase in shelf-life of four or five times is common. The general appearance of all products subjected to the PROMOLUX bulb is astounding."
Holly Sales, Pittsburgh, PA

"I like them and would like to get PROMOLUX in all my stores. My profits are up because I don't have to resurface the deli loaves and cheese like I did in the past."
Super Duper, Lockpoint, NY

"Our shelf life is two and a half days longer in our meat case. Produce looks fresher - the rewraps are almost down to nothing. I wish we had these lamps (PROMOLUX) long ago."
Les Weaver, Delhi, CA

"Not only has PROMOLUX enhanced our deli department, it has also given us 3-4 more days of shelf-life."
S.M. Flickinger, Buffalo, NY

"Our case always looks good. PROMOLUX lighting has increased our meat sales from day one."
Bill Gong, Los Banos, CA

"Customers keep telling me that my fish looks very fresh today."
Holley Food Market, Tonawanda, NY

Jim Michaelson, Pittsburgh, PA

"I always had to turn my shaved items over at least twice a day due to discoloring. Now with the PROMOLUX lights the only time the shaved meats are touched is when the customer is purchasing them."
Deli Manager, Shurfine, Cuba, NY

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