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Premium White Series

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Premium White Series

The Promolux Premium White Color Series LEDs are also a balanced spectrum – but not as concentrated on the deep red and deep blue’s as the Platinum color series.  The Premium White color series are perfect for merchandising both food and non-food applications where color is critical.

Ideal for:

Premium White LEDs
Product Catalog

  • Art – Galleries, Antiques, Carpets and Fine Rugs, Museums, Artist’s Studios
  • Boutiques – Leather Goods, Fine Clothing, Department Stores
  • Jewelry – Display Cases, Accent Lighting
  • Health and Beauty – Salons, Cosmetics, Wellness Centers, Spas
  • Perishables – Supermarkets, Florists, Delis, Bakeries, Cafeterias, Chocolates, Ice Cream, Gelato, Buffets, Salad Bars, Coffee and Donut Shops, Restaurants
  • Other – Aquariums, Car Showrooms, Food Inspection, Exhibitions, Ceramics, China, Glass – whereever good color is important.

The Platinum Color Series are available in the following types and sizes: