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Seafood Side by Side Images:

Seafood Display Case Lighting
Seafood Display Case Lighting - Compare crab, shrimp, salmon, and other seafood lighting from Promolux LED lighting versus regular lighting.
Fresh Seafood Case Lighting Displays Comparison
Seafood Display Case lighting - Shrimp, crab, salmon, all seafood looks better and stays fresh longer with Promolux LED lighting.
Supermarket Seafood Display Case Lighting Comparison
Supermarket Seafood Lighting - see the different Promolux LED Lighting makes in your seafood retail cases. Salmon, shellfish, cod, crabs pop with our quality lighting. See how Promolux can protect and enhance sales for your perishable seafood.
Grocery Store Seafood Retail Display Lighting
Compare Promolux LED Lighting with regular lights and the difference in your seafood shop display lighting. Simply the best choice for vibrant color, increased shelf life, and improved sales.
Convenience Store Seafood Display Lighting
Maximize the food safety and shelf life of your perishable seafood display. Promolux LED lighting is the best way to showcase your perishable seafood, colors are vibrant, and your seafood stays fresh longer.