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Retail Deli Equipment for Supermarket Display Cases

Lighting is an essential merchandising tool and piece of retail equipment. The role of lighting and how it contributes to the overall allure and appeal of a display case is not an exact science. In fact, just the opposite.

Lighting involves many variables which can have a profound impact on the ambiance and success of a department.

Each year billions of dollars in spoiled food is thrown out by grocery stores and specialty shops.

For deli departments, where foods are often displayed with minimal packaging, spoilage can be quite prevalent. It’s unfortunate because in most cases, it can be prevented or drastically reduced. The damage to food occurs because damaging UV & IR (infra-red=heat) radiation cause physical and chemical changes to the composition of foods.

Light and heat are damaging to food. Food will discolor, lose moisture, spoil prematurely and encourage bacteria and pathogen growth.

Fact: Promolux fluorescent lamps and LEDs filter out more radiation, which prolongs shelf life and protects the freshness and appearance of foods.

Common fluorescents tend to spike high in the yellow/green portions of the visible spectrum – these are the most damaging portions of the spectrum.

Promolux lighting is a balanced spectrum low radiation light that utilizes other portions of the spectrum more effectively while minimizing the harmful yellow/green portions.

Promolux lamps and LEDs provides for a more visually appealing effect while limiting damage to perishable foods.

So, after spending thousands of dollars on deli display cases and deli foods, why use lighting that will damage food and steal your profits?

Merchandising Deli Cases for Greater Shopper Appeal

Cold cuts, sausages, sliced deli meats and cheeses quickly lose customer appeal if they don’t look fresh and tasty.

Ready-to-eat deli departments rely on the impulse buying habits of their shoppers to turn over inventory.

If the deli items look dry and discolored, the shopper quickly questions the flavor and freshness of the item.

Deli departments that optimize the visual impact of their cases, sell more and reduce the volume of daily shrink (the amount of food that must be thrown out/discarded at the end of each day).

Grocery retailers who use common fluorescent lights to illuminate their display cases experience higher rates of product shrink.

Retailers who use Promolux food safe lamps in their deli displays reduce shrink and capture more sales. Their customers receive the safest & freshest products possible and the visual appeal of the display case attracts new shoppers as they pass by.

Purchasing the Promolux lamps has been very beneficial for our business. The lights in the deli case have improved our display and extended shelf life on all products which means less waste and an increase in sales.

Ned Ryan, Store Owner, IGA Boonah