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Commercial Ice Cream Display Lighting in Freezer Merchandisers

When commercial ice cream displays are exposed to improper fluorescent and LED lighting commonly found in freezer dairy merchandisers, ice crystals can form and the light initiates two chemical reactions which result in off-flavors.

Promolux Safe Spectrum fluorescent lamps and LEDs emit lower levels of heat and ultraviolet radiation than regular fluorescent lamps, thus reducing the rate of chemical reactions in ice cream and gelato displays.

The result is improved product integrity, superior color presentation and improved customer satisfaction. Promolux Platinum color formula lamps and LEDs are ideal for ice cream shops and gelato displays where the colors and flavors are as unique as each store!

Under Cool White Lights

Under Promolux Lights

Lipid Oxidation From Ice Cream and Gelato Merchandiser Lighting

When ice cream or gelato is exposed to sunlight or to the fluorescent lighting commonly found in frozen dairy display cases, the light initiates two chemical reactions which result in off-flavors and the loss of nutrients.

First, whey proteins composed of amino acids containing sulfur degrade and break down, producing “sunlight” flavors reminiscent of burnt feathers or burnt hair that can last for two to three days.

In the second reaction, the unsaturated fatty acids in milk lipids (milk fat triglycerides / triacylglycerols) become oxidized, producing malodorous carbonyl compounds that taste metallic or cardboardy and do not dissipate.

Ice cream tends to have a high fat content, making it particularly vulnerable to strong supermarket lighting and the off-flavor effects of lipid oxidation.

In one study, vanilla ice cream that had been stored directly under high-intensity lighting turned rancid, developing high levels of dimethyl disulfide and hexanal, two indicators that the ice cream had been damaged by light.

Promolux Safe Spectrum lamps and LEDs emit lower levels of heat and ultraviolet radiation than regular fluorescent lamps, thus reducing the rate of these chemical reactions in ice cream. Compared to other fluorescent lighting, Promolux lamps emit 86% lower UV B radiation, a shorter wavelength that penetrates and causes heating, and 52% lower UV A radiation, a longer wavelength that tends to affect surfaces.

I started looking for better lights because on our ice cream we were constantly getting a frost build up and high condensation. I found Promolux on the Internet and they gave me the name of a distributor in my area. When I put Promolux bulbs in my case, I no longer had any trouble with frost build up or condensation. And with Promolux – customers often comment to me that the colors of my ice cream are so bright and vibrant – no matter which flavor. I am in the process of opening another store, and let me tell you – one of the first things I am doing is yanking the regular bulbs out of my case and replacing them with Promolux!

Scotty Davenport (Owner), The McCall Candy Company

Ice Cream Flavor Changes in Retail Ice Cream Showcases

Factors that affect the rate of lipid oxidation in ice cream and gelato cases include:

• the intensity of the light,

• the wavelengths (spectrum) present in the light,

• the distance between the light source and the ice cream/gelato product,

• the material of the container,

• the amount of surface area exposed to the light,

• the holding temperature of the ice cream and the display case,

• the fat content of the ice cream and

• the duration of light exposure.

While ice cream in light-transmissible plastic containers is most vulnerable, ice cream in paper cartons can also be affected when the cartons are exposed to intense light for long periods of time.

Since Promolux lamps minimize the emission of damaging visible spectrum and UV wavelengths, using Promolux lamps will minimize these flavor changes in ice cream.

Ice Crystal Formation in Ice Cream

UV radiation easily penetrates cold atmospheres and creates heat at the surface of frozen packages. Heat and radiation from regular supermarket fluorescent lighting can cause the top surface of ice cream to melt, separating the water in the ice cream from the other ingredients. When this water refreezes, ice crystals form within the ice cream.

Ice cream can also become discolored when exposed to light. Ice crystal formation and discoloration can also happen with ice cream cakes, especially when these are stored in cardboard boxes with transparent tops. If the ice cream cake is decorated, the wrong lighting can cause white decorations or icing to appear yellow, and red decorations will seem dull.

Promolux lamps emit a more balanced range of wavelengths, including more of the red and blue wavelengths and more moderate levels of the damaging yellow and green wavelengths than regular fluorescent lighting, reducing ice crystal formation and revealing the bright colors of each flavor and topping!

This season, make a splash and showcase all the bright yummy colors and flavors of your ice cream display! Request a quote for Promolux Platinum color formula lamps and transform your ice cream shoppe into an oasis of tropical flavors and colors.