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Produce Department Displays in Supermarket Showcases2020-01-27T18:44:26+00:00

Produce Department Displays in Supermarket Showcases

Produce & Salad Lighting

In the produce industry, eye appeal is buy appeal, and the most successful produce displays are also the most colorful. It is therefore vital that fruits and vegetables in supermarket produce departments are displayed under lighting that reveals the true colors of the produce, but does not damage sensitive perishables.

Most supermarket fluorescent lighting is skewed to enhance green and yellow, which causes other colors such as red and white to appear discolored or not as bright as they should be. Under normal supermarket produce display case lighting, strawberries and radishes often look dull and cauliflower look yellow. Promolux balanced spectrum fluorescent lamps and LEDs reveal the true vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables.