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Refrigerated Home Meal Replacements in Supermarket Showcases

Retailers who offer convenient meal solutions such as refrigerated home meal replacements rely heavily on impulse sales. Display lighting on steam tables and in retail showcases is critical as the wrong lighting can damage food and distort its appearance, creating unappetizing displays.

Promolux fluorescent lamps and LEDs emit a balanced spectrum and lower levels of ultraviolet light to provide true color definition and safely display beautiful, deliciously tempting home meal replacements.

Spoilage and Holding Time of Retail Home Meal Replacements

Home meal replacements are affected by display case lighting regardless of whether they are stored in refrigerated food service display cases or in hot steam trays. UV and visible spectrum radiation from retail lighting can raise the surface temperature of refrigerated home meals enough to increase bacterial growth, cause premature spoilage, and accelerate the dehydration already caused by dry refrigerated air.

In hot food displays, the holding time can be shortened by display lighting that continues to dry out the food on display, or spoil sauces and harden vegetables and side for a very unappetizing meal package.

If take home meal options do not look fresh, customers will not be tempted to buy them and they will sit on the shelf until they are thrown out.

Impulse Buying of Supermarket Home Meal Replacements

Impulse buying accounts for a large proportion of home meal replacement sales, so it is important that HMR’s are visually appealing. Regular supermarket fluorescent lighting tends to be very strong in the yellow and green wavelengths of the visible spectrum, which can make gourmet entrees look stale and unappealing.

Under regular fluorescent lamps, food that is naturally red, such as rare roast beef, tends to look brownish, while food that is white, such as steamed rice or potato salad, can take on an unappetizing greenish or yellowish tinge. To maximize the convenient meal solution so shoppers will buy it, the selection must look as fresh and appealing as possible.

Promolux True Color Definition Lamps

Promolux balanced spectrum lamps and LEDs are your answer in prolonging the shelf life of delicatessen foods including take home meals. If you are looking to boost sales in your take home menu department, then you need the power of Promolux in capturing consumers attention through visual presentation and freshness.