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Promolux LEDs & Fluorescents are specifically designed for merchandising & protecting fresh food

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Light and Meat
A21 Incandescent Dimensions:

Diameter (DIA.) = 2-5/8" (67mm)
Maximum Overall Length (MOL) = 5" (125mm)

Promolux Incandescent LightsMULTICHROME - Color Corrected - PROMOLUX uses proprietary glass to project a precise wavelength of light, & filter out the less desirable radiation, such as UV, Infra Red & excess yellow.

Wattage and Voltage Available:

Reference #45100 - 100Watt, 130Volt designed to produce a balance of color for use in display cases of warm prepared foods or for use in ceiling or track lighting.

Reference #45100T - 100Watt, 130Volt coated version is shatter proof as required for protection when used in enclosed food display cases or above food displays. Promolux Supermarket Lamp Requirements


Improves color definition. Lowers glare. Reduces eye fatigue and stress. Increases visual acuity. Sharpens color contrast. No harmful UV. Longer life (5000 hrs).


Food display in supermarkets and restaurants. Store design and showcases. Art galleries and museums. Flowers and plant displays. Clothing and leather boutiques. Jewelry, crystal and ceramic displays. Health and medical centers. Computer labs and offices. Various personal and home use. Merchandising with high eye appeal.

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