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Light and Meat
Color and Meat Freshness in Grocery Store Display Cases

Impulse buying accounts for over a third of all meat purchases from self service meat cases according to one study, and this in turn is related to the visual appeal of the meat. Several studies have found that the most appealing cuts of meat are those that are the leanest, and then those that are the brightest in color, which customers interpret as an indicator of freshness.

One study found that over 40% of interviewees judged the freshness of meat by its color. Various surveys have shown that consumers in Colorado considered the color of the muscle and fat to be the most important indictor of quality, while in Missouri consumers interpreted the color of the lean tissue as an indicator of freshness or age. If the meat does not appear to be fresh, customers will not buy it.

Color as an Indicator of Retail Meat Freshness

PROMOLUX fluorescent lamps and LED meat display case lighting is balanced for true color definition, revealing the bright red of blooming beef muscle without compromising the white of the fat marbling.

PROMOLUX is ideal for boutique ad gourmet meat and butcher shops who thrive on differenitating themselves from other stores by the fresh quality and selection of products they proudly offer thier customers.

The growth of bacteria contributes to the discoloration of meat and leads to spoilage. Most display case lighting emits radiation which raises meat surface temperatures even in refrigerated display cases, leading to exponential bacterial growth. <more...>

Meat color is a relative phenomenon determined by the spectrum emitted by the light source. Supermarket lights that emit high levels of green and yellow wavelengths and very little of the red and blue wavelengths distort the true color of the meat. <more...>

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