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Promolux utitur LEDs minus industria, ut semper in ultima ac iam non esse quod color est discrimine.


Attract Customers to Your Displays with Promolux High Color Definition Lighting Solutions

Promolux is a balanced spectrum lighting solution ideal for both food and non-food retail merchandising that showcases your products with amazing colors.

Using a patented color formula specified by major retailers worldwide, Promolux LEDs use less energy, last twice as long as traditional fluorescent lamps, and are best used in applications where good color presentation is critical.

"Nos have installed in facite Promolux LEDs: Alimonia Heli rebus constat. Tamen illud produxit naturalibus apparet zinc abluere. Quia omne videre est. "
Robertus Lamonica, Store Tester, NSW IGA Haberfield
“When we first experimented with Promolux LEDs about a year ago, I put them in only half of my case; but they were so appealing, and made the regular LEDs look awful in comparison, that within 2 weeks I put Promolux LEDs in the entire case.”
Series Lynnam, Whole Victus, whole Victus
"Nos utor ad cibum Promolux department nunc autem sine dubitatione, in color est bonum valde. Hoc productum magis facit appellante ad customers - quis maxime picky. De coloribus non eadem claritate: Promolux aliam vitam beatitudinis nostrae "
Marcus Sealy, Rochester Whole Victus Hills, MI
"Repente Promolux LEDs erant installed in meus usus panis est, non delebo te faciem meam, et risu! Non possum tibi dicere, quot elit esca commentati quam pulchra gerit vultus. Ego% contentus Promolux LEDs CX! "
Glen Bessey, Bessey vescebantur cibo Market