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What are Promolux LEDs?

Promolux LED is the LED Division of Promolux Lighting. A brand of Market Group Ventures, Promolux Lighting was established in 1982 and supplies specialized food and non-food merchandising lighting to the retail industry worldwide.

In 2009 Promolux Lighting began researching and developing LEDs. It started with the quest for a chip manufacturer who could (and would) make high quality, color corrected LED chips. In 2009 (and even today) it was harder than one might have thought. Some chip manufacturers made high quality chips, but none were interested in manufacturing high quality color corrected LED chips. Most all the chip manufacturers were only interested in providing the chips they were already making in large volumes. And in 2009/2010, the consistency and quality just wasn’t there yet for those who did make special color LED chips.

In 2010 Promolux forged a partnership with a specialty LED chip manufacturer – and, after several months of testing engineering samples to ensure proper, consistent and vibrant color rendering, the first generation Promolux LEDs with our signature Platinum Color formula, were born.

Using the same legendary color spectrum as Promolux fluorescents, Promolux LEDs are twice as bright, use half as much energy and are guaranteed 5 years. They are available in a wide variety of types and sizes and have superior thermal management ensuring lower surface temperatures (ideal for fresh food display) and longer life.

In 2012 Promolux developed the Premium White Color series. Much like Promolux’s Platinum Color formula, Premium White LEDs also produce tremendously vibrant colors, but take special care to ensure the best possible white light as well. This combination make Premium White LEDs ideal for merchandising non-food item such as clothing, artwork, makeup and cosmetics and jewelry – anywhere that color is critical.

Today, Promolux continues to supply both Platinum & Premium White LEDs to retailers, distributors and wholesalers across the nation and has added the HD35 Color Series LEDs (high definition 3500K) as well as Promolux quality standard colors (3000K, 4000K & 5000K). All available in a wide variety of types and sizes (including the brand new Plug-n-Play T8 Retrofit LEDs).

Promolux also continues its custom LED development and manufacturing and has to-date developed LEDs for major retailers across the nation – in the supermarket industry as well as other industries.