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What is the difference between the Platinum & Premium White Color Series LEDs?

Both color series begin with the same balanced spectrum – there is no emphasis on one color over another in order to achieve brightness or a certain ‘tone’. Under both the Platinum and Premium White Color series all colors stand out and are extremely vibrant.  This means that either color series can be used to merchandise steak, seafood, produce, bakery, artwork, makeup, and so on.

The difference between the Platinum & Premium White Color series is in the intensity of the spikes in the deep red and deep blue portions of the color spectrum.

Platinum Color Series

In addition to a very balanced spectrum, Promolux’s Platinum color series has spikes in the deeper reds and deeper blues.  This is done precisely because overhead lighting is almost always deficient in the deep reds and deep blues and the Platinum color series is designed specifically to compensate for that.  The result is that when installed in close proximity to food (such as in a refrigerated display case), Promolux Platinum Color LEDs bring out all the natural colors of food and create the absolute best visual displays.

Premium White Color Series

Also built on a balanced spectrum, the Premium White Color series differs in two ways.  First, though there are still spikes in the deep reds and deep blues, the spikes are not as directed as the Platinum Color Series.  The Premium White Color Series of course still produces strong, vibrant colors – the spectrum is just designed to blend in a little more subtly with competing overhead lighting.

The second difference is that the red/yellow/blue intersection of the Premium White LEDs produces one of the crispest, brightest and clearest “whites” available – without sacrificing the rendering of the other colors in the spectrum. Premium White is ideal when you are merchandising items where there is a good amount of white around, but you still need to showcase the colorful products – such as a makeup or cosmetic display, seafood case, art gallery, and so on.