PROMOLUX LED照明 - 食品照明的科学
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海鲜与商品化 定期 LEDs 海鲜与商品化 PROMOLUX LEDs 你可以看到其中的差别! 肉类与商品化 定期 LEDs 肉类与商品化 PROMOLUX LEDs 你可以看到其中的差别! Slide

PROMOLUX LED的使用更少的能源,持续时间更长,当颜色是非常关键的,一定要使用。

Attract customers to your fresh food supermarket displays with high color definition Promolux lighting solutions, specially designed for refrigerated display cases

Promolux is a balanced spectrum lighting product line ideal for fresh food retail merchandising that showcases your products with amazing natural colors and protects them from oxidation caused by harmful radiation. Using a patented color formula specified by major retailers worldwide, our lamps maintain their efficiency longer, consume less energy than alternative lamps, and are best used in fresh food departments where extraordinary color presentation is critical.

Extend shelf life of fresh food displays in supermarkets by using food specific Promolux LED lighting

Promolux is a Canadian lighting company specialized in protecting fresh foods from the effects of photo oxidation and lipid oxidation caused by using ordinary lighting in refrigerated fresh food displays. Our food specific LED lamps are powered by currents of less than 50mA compared to other brands that use currents of up to 1000mA. This not only results in less damage to fresh foods, but also saves energy and reduces the overall temperature inside the refrigerated display case. Certain wavelengths of the visible spectrum have also been balanced to reduce photo oxidation.

Increase sales through outstanding color definition with the most saturated fresh and natural colors for food display lighting in grocery stores

Promolux has developed specialty lighting for fresh food display cases in supermarkets that allows the same color to be used for all departments. This eliminates the aesthetic objections of using various types and colors of light to give different tones to perishable products such as meatfishdelibakerydairyfruits, and others. Our lamps provide fresh, bright, natural, saturated colors across the entire visible spectrum.

Replace your current lamps easily and specify Promolux LED food lighting from all major brands of commercial refrigeration

Promolux lighting is one of the only companies that has developed retrofit systems that allow fresh food retailers to upgrade from regular LEDs and fluorescent tubes to our LEDs using the existing driver and ballast as a source, without any labor cost and without using direct current, which can be a risk in commercial refrigeration.

Some of the brands of refrigeration display cases for which we make compatible LED lighting replacements include: Hussmann, Hillphoenix, Kysor Warren, Epta group, Arneg, Carrier, AHT, Structural Concepts, Southern Case Arts, Panasonic, QBD, IFI, Borgen Systems, Zero Zone, True Manufacturing, Cayuga Displays, Jordao, Koxka, Federal Industries, ISA, Infrico, Frost-trol, De Rigo, Pastorfrigor, LU-VE Group, Nurdil, KMW, Kaplanlar, Smeva, and Frost Tech.

Also available for non-food applications where color definition and visual ergonomics are critical

While Promolux specializes in providing lighting solutions for fresh food displays in the grocery industry, retailers of heat sensitive and color critical products such as clothing storesflower shops, and cosmetic departments have also started specifying Promolux lamps. Our lighting is also being requested for several new and exciting applications, such as medicaldental settings, museumsprint shops, and other industry applications where true color is critical.

“我们已经在我们的农产品,肉类及熟食部门安装PROMOLUX的LED。 这真的带出了自然的色彩,其他LED似乎洗去。 他们让一切看起来棒极了。”
罗伯特Lamonica,店主IGA Haberfield NSW
“当我们第一次与PROMOLUX的LED大约一年前尝试,我把它们放在只有我的情况下的一半; 但他们是如此的吸引力,并取得了常规的LED看起来可怕相比,这2个星期内,我把PROMOLUX的LED在整个案件“。
“我们在肉部门现在和毫无疑问使用PROMOLUX,颜色要好得多。 这使得该产品为我们的客户更具吸引力 - 谁可以非常挑剔。 颜色是如此的辉煌; PROMOLUX增加了另一种生活,以我们的介绍!”
“即时PROMOLUX LED指示灯分别安装在我的服务肉的情况下,你不能抹笑容了我的脸! 我不能告诉你有多少客户在肉上显示如何漂亮的外观评价。 我很满意PROMOLUX LED的110%!”