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Attract Customers to Your Displays!
Promolux LEDs use less energy, last longer and should always be used when color is critical.


Promolux LED is the LED Division of Promolux Lighting.
Promolux LEDs are high color definition LEDs ideal for both food and non-food merchandising.
 Attract Customers to Your Displays! 

Promolux LEDs showcase merchandise with amazing colors!

Using the same Promolux color formula specified by major retailers worldwide, Promolux LEDs use less energy, last twice as long as fluorescents and should always be used in applications where good color presentation is critical.

“We have installed Promolux LEDs in our Produce, Meat and Deli departments. It really brings out the natural colours that other LEDs seem to wash away. They make everything look great.”
Robert Lamonica, Store Owner, IGA Haberfield NSW
“When we first experimented with Promolux LEDs about a year ago, I put them in only half of my case; but they were so appealing, and made the regular LEDs look awful in comparison, that within 2 weeks I put PROMOLUX LEDs in the entire case.”
A. J. Lynn, Whole Foods, Whole Foods
“We use Promolux in the meat department right now and without a doubt, the color is much better. It makes the product more appealing to our customers – who can be extremely picky. The colors are so brilliant; Promolux adds another life to our presentation!”
Dennis Sealy, Whole Foods Rochester Hills, MI
“The instant Promolux LEDs were installed in my service meat case, you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!  I can’t tell you how many customers have commented on how beautiful the meat displays look.  I am 110% satisfied with Promolux LEDs!”
Glen Bessey, Bessey's Meat Market