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Specialty LED Lighting Solutions for Health and Medical Applications

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Lighting is well documented to play a major role in health and medical applications. Its effects can affect moods, our hormonal balance as well as our eyes which act as photo receptors that translate the electromagnetic radiation into colors.

Promolux Lighting has been a pioneer in research and development of custom color lighting solutions for many industries since 1985 in Canada.

The world of lighting has been revolutionized recently by the LED technology which not only has allowed for infinite new possibilities impossible to accomplish with older lighting systems. One such area is that of better color definition. In fact as a result of this old criteria like CRI (Color Rendering Index) have become inadequate as a measure of quality of color definition.

Promolux has since its early days relied on the CPI rating (Color Preference Index) developed by Dr. William Thornton, the leading scientist in colorimetry of light. The main difference is that CPI is based on human eye perception and CRI has been a formula that may have worked in its early years when the main light sources were the Edison incandescent and later the common fluorescents.

Promolux LEDs currently offer a variety of high CPI light sources directed at health and medical applications that are dramatically better for color discrimination than any other LED or light source we know of at the present time.

At present we can have conducted and expect successful installations for applications such as dermatological examinations, dental prosthesis, cosmetic surgery and treatments, laboratory analysis, gynecology, ENT, Seasonal Affection Disorder (SAD), cardiology, hospital operating theaters, patient’s rooms, nurses stations, and in all areas of medical practice where precise true color discrimination and visual acuity are critical.

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Specialty LED Lighting Solutions for Dental Clinics and Laboratories

These days, dental practitioners are expected to be qualified artists and technicians. The public is much more demanding and has high expectations for almost perfect color and shade matching for their cosmetic and restorative implants, veneers, fillings, bridges, and crowns.

Many tools and advances provide some support, such as shade tabs, guides and mapping as well as digital photography, colorimeters and spectrometers, among others. Though when we compare current equipment to our eyes with approximately 120 million rods and over 6 million cone shaped receptors measuring the quality of light and color, we realize that human eye is by far the most reliable tool and the one by which the client will measure the final results.

All research studies agree that lighting is the most critical element for success. Natural light, when available, is not constant as it varies depending on the time of day, the season and geographical area.

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Artificial lights distort towards the yellow portion of the spectrum for the chair lights or incandescents and favor the blue green wavelengths when using common fluorescents or LEDs. Recent advances in Promolux LED technology based on custom chromatic spectrums now allow for precise balancing of the visible spectrum to create the ultimate tool for cosmetic dentistry and are designed with high saturation of a wide portion of the visible portion of the spectrum.

The light source is extremely important in all color matching tasks and especially so in cosmetic dental work where in addition to color, saturation and brightness, we also need to evaluate the texture, translucency of the enamel, fluorescence of the dentin and the opalescence brightness of the natural teeth. Dental professionals also report that working under Promolux LEDs reduces their eye strain and fatigue due to their balanced full spectrum. They feel more comfortable, can work better, have less glare, can see objects with better contrast and visual acuity.

With Promolux you can now illuminate your entire treatment and lab area with the ideal light source, ensuring rich, accurate color perception without eye fatigue or glare.

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Specialty LED Lighting Solutions for Dermatology


Promolux LED is now producing custom-made light spectrums using digital LED technology that offers a precise mix of visible radiation to suit the field of clinical dermatology.

Although natural light is generally regarded as the most ideal lighting source, it is not always available and it changes based on the season, time of the day, geographical location, and weather.

Artificial light sources have advanced from halogen, fluorescent, and incandescent sources to LEDs, and the way to measure the quality of light has also evolved. It is no longer sufficient to use the Color Reference Index (CRI) as the standard criteria for dermatology where 8 color samples are used, since more advanced criteria today uses 99 color samples are used as with IES TM-30-15.

Furthermore, the use of the Kelvin temperature scale does not reflect the quality or fidelity of the colors reflected by the lamp source. A low Kelvin light distorts towards the yellow portion of the spectrum, whereas a high Kelvin lamp is very poor in the red portions of the spectrum but high in the blue portions.

Although there are a number of electronic tools used to observe the appearance of cutaneous physiology, when we compare these to our eyes with approximately 120 million rods and over 6 million cone shaped receptors, we realize the value of our eyes for diagnosis and visual evaluation of skin disorders.

Dermatologists can enjoy a higher rate of diagnostic accuracy if their area of practice is lit by the ultimate light source for early detection, prognostic and clinical evaluation and monitoring response to treatment.

The importance of visualization and inspection by the naked eye for color, pigmentation, tissue lesions, evaluation of vascular structures, use of visual grading scales, and other assessments depends on the quality of the light source used in the area of practice. Even photographic records can be affected by the use of a flash or poor quality lighting which can distort what the doctor sees during an examination.

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Specialty LED Lighting Solutions for Medical Aesthetics


When it comes to skin tone, texture, and details, Promolux LEDs are truer to detail than any other product, or combination of products. Promolux allows you to fine tune and optimize each individual treatment.

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