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Specialty LED Lighting Solutions for Health and Medical Applications

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Lighting is well documented to play a major role in health and medical applications. Its effects can affect moods, our hormonal balance as well as our eyes which act as photo receptors that translate the electromagnetic radiation into colors.

Promolux Lighting has been a pioneer in research and development of custom color lighting solutions for many industries since 1985 in Canada.

The world of lighting has been revolutionized recently by the LED technology which not only has allowed for infinite new possibilities impossible to accomplish with older lighting systems. One such area is that of better color definition. In fact as a result of this old criteria like CRI (Color Rendering Index) have become inadequate as a measure of quality of color definition.

Promolux has since its early days relied on the CPI rating (Color Preference Index) developed by Dr. William Thornton, the leading scientist in colorimetry of light. The main difference is that CPI is based on human eye perception and CRI has been a formula that may have worked in its early years when the main light sources were the Edison incandescent and later the common fluorescents.

Promolux LEDs currently offer a variety of high CPI light sources directed at health and medical applications that are dramatically better for color discrimination than any other LED or light source we know of at the present time.

At present we can have conducted and expect successful installations for applications such as dermatological examinations, dental prosthesis, cosmetic surgery and treatments, laboratory analysis, gynecology, ENT, Seasonal Affection Disorder (SAD), cardiology, hospital operating theaters, patient’s rooms, nurses stations, and in all areas of medical practice where precise true color discrimination and visual acuity are critical.

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