Customers Buy Based on Perceived Freshness2024-03-19T07:06:24+00:00

Customers Buy Based on Perceived Freshness

Supermarkets and retailers spend thousands of dollars to attract shoppers to their store. Promolux LEDs create a visual “wow” in the display case and ensure customers notice the fresh food.

“It’s definitely been a process to remind people that, yes, the lighting inside the case is equally, if not more important, than the ambient lighting. Because retailers spend thousands of dollars to get us into the supermarkets; they do print ads, TV ads, just to get us inside. So everything that they can do while we’re in the supermarket, in their store, to help us to notice the food and buy it is in their best interests. We all know as retailers and merchandisers that we’ve done our job when that customer puts that steak in their basket even when it’s not on their list because it looks so good to them in that display case that they can visualize themselves barbecuing it up that night and they’re going to know exactly how it tastes just because of how good it looks inside that display case.”

Scott Werhun