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Specialty Lighting Solutions for Seafood Displays

Enhance Freshness, Minimize Spoilage

The proper display of freshly harvested seafood makes a huge difference in consumer approval, in sales, in reduction of drip loss and shrinkage, and for food safety.

Promolux is a trailblazer in food-safe lighting R&D, ensuring your seafood is displayed in its most appealing state. Independently tested, our lamps protect natural colors, reduce lipid oxidation, and extend shelf life.

Vibrant Seafood Displays

Showcasing the Full Spectrum

In retail cases, Promolux lamps showcase the full spectrum of vibrant colors in seafood, from the pinks of salmon to the whites of cod. Ice beds stay crystal clear, presenting an enticing, fresh-from-the-sea allure.

Fresh seafood presentation
seafood led lighting

Maintaining Aroma and Freshness

Preventing ‘Fishy’ Odors

Regular lights cause fish to discolor, dehydrate, and emit a ‘fishy’ smell. Promolux’s balanced spectrum technology prevents photo-oxidation, maintaining the ‘fresh from the sea’ aroma and appearance.

Versatile Applications

From Whole Fish to Smoked Delights

Whether it’s whole fish, fillets, or smoked seafood, Promolux lighting enhances the appearance, freshness, and safety of your seafood displays. It’s a merchandising advantage trusted by retailers globally.

Seafood Display Case Lighting

Preserving Freshness, Protecting Profits

Most seafood spoils faster than other meats. Traditional lighting in display cases can further reduce shelf life due to heat emission. Proper lighting is crucial to prevent bacterial growth and dehydration.

Promolux seafood lights
Specialty lighting for seafood

Importance of Seafood Lighting

Minimizing Risks for Health and Freshness

The type of lighting in seafood displays significantly impacts freshness. Even a minor temperature rise caused by lighting can lead to bacterial growth, risking consumer health. Promolux’s Safe Spectrum technology minimizes these risks.

Reducing Dehydration and Drip Loss

Preserving Weight and Appearance

Heat and radiation from regular lights dehydrate seafood, causing shrinkage and loss of weight, impacting profits. Promolux’s low radiation display lamps reduce dehydration, ensuring your seafood looks and weighs its best.

Preventing Freezer Burn

Guarding Against Texture and Flavor Loss

Regular lighting can accelerate dehydration in frozen seafood displays, leading to freezer burn. Promolux lamps, emitting lower damaging radiation, protect against freezer burn, preserving texture and flavor.

fresh seafood lighting

Frozen Seafood Displays

Ensuring Freshness in Frozen Aisles

Even frozen seafood deserves a fresh appearance. Promolux lighting, with its balanced spectrum, maintains the natural colors of frozen fish, preventing discoloration caused by regular lighting.

Prolonging Shelf Life

Ensuring Longevity in Display

Shrinkage is a critical concern for seafood departments. Promolux lamps, emitting lower radiation, prevent dehydration and enhance shelf life. A significant win for both retailers and consumers.

Promolux for Seafood Displays

Balancing Visual Appeal and Freshness

Choosing Promolux means choosing a balance between visual appeal and freshness. Our lamps enhance the appearance of seafood while preserving its quality, making it a smart investment for seafood retailers.

Fish market illumination

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