Specialty Lighting Solutions for Bakery Displays

Bakery display case area

Your customers may notice the delicious smells wafting from the display cases of your bakery or baked goods department, but if the bread looks yellowy and is rock hard, chances are they will think twice about placing items in their baskets. For this reason, the type of lighting you use in the display cases plays a crucial role in the appearance and quality of your products.

Certain wavelengths from common fluorescent lamps and ordinary LED lighting are quite damaging to bakery foods and their ingredients. For many heat- and light-sensitive baked goods, the light source causes physical changes in both the appearance and freshness of the item. In addition, it causes chemical changes which affect the food’s natural flavors, integrity and quality.

Promolux lamps emit lower levels of UV radiation in comparison to common fluorescent lighting or other LEDs on the market. Promolux lamps are both safe and ideal to use in bakery showcases where delicate items like chocolates, cakes and pastries are in close proximity to light sources.

Thanks to its proprietary nature of being a balanced spectrum light, Promolux lighting is best able to showcase the items in bakery displays by revealing the true bounty of rich, natural and vibrant colors within each item. Furthermore, the low radiation characteristics of Promolux lamps help protect the freshness, appearance and integrity of those fragile bakery food items.

For independent bakery owners, the daily and annual savings of extending the shelf life of bakery items by up to 50% and reducing overall shrinkage by 30% to 50% is huge. Promolux lighting helps boutique and specialty shops distinguish themselves and their offerings while helping them to remain competitive.

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