Specialty LED Lighting Solutions for Floral Displays

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Impulse purchases account for large portions of floral sales, so floral displays must be brightly lit to attract customers. Often, however, the right lighting is not used, and displays have an over emphasis on the yellowish or the green blue tones while most other colors are washed out and faded. Additionally, improper lighting such as common fluorescents, hot spotlights, accent lights, and task lights cause fresh flowers to wilt and dry out.

It is well known that flowers emit more harmful ethylene gas when displayed at temperatures of 4°C (39°F) or higher. In a matter of hours, this gas causes buds and leaves to turn yellow and fall off, the loss of deep colors and petal drop in flowers, as well as irregular bud opening and premature death. It is estimated that upwards of 30% of flowers perish prematurely due to the harmful effects of ethylene. Improper lighting aggravates this condition in most flowers and, in particular, roses, orchids, gladiolas, lilies, and others.

However, the new Promolux floral display LEDs have no UV radiation, emit less physical heat than regular LEDs, fluorescents, halogens and other common light sources, and filter portions of the radiation in the visible spectrum that damage fresh flowers. The balanced spectrum of Promolux LEDs makes them ideal for floral merchandising in supermarkets and flower shops as every color is shown equally strong, with saturated and vibrant natural colors! When it comes to fresh floral merchandising and protection there is simply no other LED that can compare to Promolux.

Floral display cases must be brightly lit for optimal floral merchandising. Better looking florist shops and supermarket floral display cases due to superior illumination results in increased impulse sales. True color rendering is essential for impulse sales of all floral bouquets.

Refrigerated floral display case lighting in flower shops and supermarket refrigerated floral display cases are turning to Promolux floral LED lighting as the best solution. Along with brighter displays and vibrant, second to none colors, the new balanced full spectrum floral LEDs substantially reduce heat and do not have any harmful UV rays.

Heat and ultraviolet light radiated by most fluorescent display case lamps accelerate the organic decomposition and dehydration of harvested flowers. UV radiation in floral display case lighting encourages cut flowers to bloom, and blossoms to open and eventually decompose.

Increased surface temperatures from common lighting in flower shops and supermarket floral displays can encourage bacteria and ethylene gas emissions to grow, causing flowers to decompose. Floral display case lamps causing flower buds to bloom prematurely, wilt, or ‘blast’ and fall off, are responsible for increased product shrinkage and lost sales.

Floral shops need to sell their stock in a very short time and to keep their flowers fresh by protecting them from the premature damage caused by heat and radiation. Promolux Floral LEDs combine true color rendering with no damaging UV radiation and almost no heat, prolonging the shelf life of floral displays while showcasing them to best advantage and helping them to sell quickly.

True color rendering is an essential aspect of retail floral lighting. Flowers are vibrantly colorful in a floral display with unparalleled color performance and optimal illumination of floral displays. Cream and red velvety roses and eye-popping spring flowers look stunning under the new Promolux floral LEDs and will entice shoppers to buy them. Also, with reduced heat and no UV emissions, your flowers and plants stay fresh longer!

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