Special LED Lighting Solutions for Floral Display

Illuminate Your Floral Merchandising

Floral displays are pivotal for attracting impulse buyers, but improper lighting often hinders their appeal. Yellowish or green-blue tones dominate, causing other colors to fade. Common lighting sources like regular LEDs and hot spotlights even lead to wilting and drying of fresh flowers.

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Ethylene Gas Emissions and Color Loss

Temperature-induced ethylene gas emissions are a major concern for floral longevity. Flowers displayed above 4°C (39°F) quickly lose their appeal – colors fade, petals drop, and irregularities occur. Ethylene’s impact is substantial, with up to 30% of flowers perishing prematurely due to its effects.

Promolux: A Floral Revival

Promolux’s innovative floral display LEDs provide a comprehensive solution. They emit minimal heat, lack harmful UV radiation, and filter out damaging radiation in the visible spectrum. The balanced spectrum brings out the natural colors and vibrancy of every flower, transforming displays into irresistible visual delights.

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Enhancing Impulse Sales

Optimal illumination leads to better-looking florist shops and supermarket floral displays, driving increased impulse sales. True color rendering is crucial for attracting buyers and encouraging purchases. Promolux LEDs achieve both, creating captivating displays that entice customers.

Refrigerated Floral Displays

A Cooling Solution

Supermarkets and flower shops turn to Promolux floral LED lighting to address their refrigerated floral display challenges. Brighter, vibrant displays are coupled with a significant reduction in heat and the absence of harmful UV rays, ensuring longer-lasting flowers.

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Regular LED Lighting vs. Promolux LED Lighting

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Combating Ethylene Gas and Bacterial Growth

Promolux Floral LEDs, with their balanced color rendering and minimal heat, offer a safeguard against premature flower damage. By reducing the impact of ethylene gas and discouraging bacterial growth, Promolux prolongs the life of floral displays and enhances their selling potential.

Retail Floral Lighting for Silk Flowers

Promolux lamps not only benefit fresh flowers but also silk flowers, maintaining their vibrant colors and natural appearance. Elevate your floral selection and enhance shopper engagement with Promolux’s superior lighting solutions.

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lighting for floral displays

A Spectrum of Possibilities with Promolux

Experience the Promolux advantage for your floral displays today. Contact us to connect with a supplier near you and infuse your floral presentations with color and vitality.

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