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Specialty LED Lighting Solutions for Other Applications

Promolux Lighting, a pioneer in custom color lighting solutions since 1985 in Canada, continues to revolutionize the world of lighting for various industries.

The advent of LED technology has brought infinite possibilities that were once impossible with older lighting systems. Among these possibilities is the achievement of better color definition. As a result, traditional measures like CRI (Color Rendering Index) have become inadequate in assessing the quality of color definition.

Promolux has long relied on the CPI rating (Color Preference Index), developed by renowned colorimetry scientist Dr. William Thornton. Unlike CRI, CPI is based on human eye perception, providing a more accurate assessment of color quality. This approach sets Promolux apart in delivering superior color definition and visual ergonomics.

Specialty LED Lighting Solutions for the Graphic Arts and Printing Industry

Promolux now offers professionals in the graphic and printing industry the ultimate LED technology and light sources for color matching, and quality inspection.

Current advances in lighting technology has rendered as obsolete all past methods of measuring quality of light. It is now very clear and well documented that the CRI index developed over 80 years ago was based on 8 color samples and today we measure over 99 color samples (TM 30) and D50 (5000 Kelvin) is no longer accepted as a measure of color correctness.

Many tools have been developed such as spectrophotometers, colorimeters and densitometers and despite their usefulness, these need to be calibrated to each other, the printing methods, inks and paper used… When we compare current equipment to our eyes with approximately 120 million rods and over 6 million cone shaped receptors measuring the quality of light and color, we realize that human eye is by far the most reliable tool and the one by which the client will ultimately measure the final results.

LED Lighting for Graphic and Print Industry

Furthermore we find that monitors and scanners use RGB color pixels to transmit a mix of colors that does not offer a true black and the printing industry used CMYK where color is measured by its reflectance on a white substrate.

Promolux Balanced Full Spectrum LEDs for the printing and graphic industry and all color critical applications are the best way today to perceive colors with maximum saturation, hue, lightness, gamut, color fidelity, and color discrimination as they are created based on the highest Color preference Index possible with today’s digital lighting technology. In addition to this Promolux minimizes metameric failures due to the observer, the illuminant, texture of substrate or geometric considerations.

Now available in many standard lamp sizes that save up to 90% energy over non LED sources and can last up to 50,000 hours, thus paying for themselves through their savings. We invite you to try them today.

Promolux catalog of LED products for the graphic arts and printing industryClick here for the Promolux catalog of LED products for the graphic arts and printing industry
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Specialty LED Lighting Solutions for High-End Homes

Artists, gallery owners and art collectors appreciate the ultimate truly balanced full spectrum LEDs from Promolux.

All you need to do is compare side by side any light source to the equivalent from Promolux. You will notice a much richer and accurate color perception with a natural contrast not found in common lamps.

All colors will appear with the precise hue and saturation the artist intended and not distorted to the yellow or green portions of the spectrum.

In addition to seeing all colors and textures better, artists report less eye fatigue, strain and glare from Promolux LEDs when creating their works in the studio.

Promolux LEDs last up to ten times longer than common lamps and save up to 90% energy as compared to halogen or regular spot lamps.