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Introduction to Promolux Color Corrected Lighting

Already working in the supermarket industry, Promolux founder Mark Granfar began to notice the need for improved display case lighting. As a result, research and development into color corrected lighting began and the idea of Promolux was born.

Today, while most of Europe use nothing but color corrected lighting, many supermarkets in North America continue to use regular lighting that does nothing to help their fresh food merchandising.

“I was already involved in the supermarket industry when it occurred to us that the lighting that was in the display cases was really terrible. In Europe at least, that changed rapidly as us and others became involved in developing in new color corrected lighting and in fact most of Europe today is using nothing but color corrected lighting for their perishable displays. In North America, however, they are still using yellow light for everywhere, which doesn’t do justice for fresh food displays.”

Mark Granfar