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Specialty Lighting Solutions for Food Service and Catering Displays

Salad on Buffet Line Food Service Display

The takeout market is a growing segment of the food service industry, involving food service professionals from restaurants and fast food outlets to supermarket food service departments. Turnover of merchandise can be very high especially for hot food displays, but this can be alleviated by using display case lighting that is safe for food and will extend the holding time or shelf life of the food.

Promolux balanced spectrum fluorescent lamps and LEDs emit lower levels of heat and ultraviolet radiation than regular supermarket fluorescent lamps, prolonging the shelf life of food service and convenience food items. Compared to other fluorescent and LED lighting, Promolux lamps emit 86% lower UVB radiation, a shorter wavelength that penetrates and causes heating, and 52% lower UVA radiation, a longer wavelength that tends to affect surfaces.

Promolux lamps have a balanced spectrum because Promolux lamps and LEDs are designed for true color definition, they have a more balanced visible spectrum than other fluorescent and LED lamps. The yellow and green wavelengths that are predominant in regular fluorescent lighting are the most damaging wavelengths in the visible spectrum. Promolux lighting emits a more balanced range of wavelengths, including more of the red and blue wavelengths and more moderate levels of the yellow and green wavelengths, which results in greater sales through better eye appeal and increased consumer impulse shopping.

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