Differentiate Yourself from the Competition with Quality Lighting2024-03-19T07:11:14+00:00

Differentiate Yourself from the Competition with Quality Lighting

With so many choices available today, consumers can choose from any number of supermarkets. However, if once they are in your store, they consistently see colorful and fresh perishable displays, it creates strong customer loyalty because no one else’s meat, seafood, produce and deli looks as good as yours!

“Consumers really have a lot of choices today. They can go to any number of supermarkets in their neighborhood. But if, once they’re in your store, you have beautiful display cases, huge investment in perishables which have a shelf life and will get damaged and be wasted and thrown away, and you put cheap lights? Anything but the best lights? That doesn’t seem right; it’s being penny wise and dollar foolish. It’s the most important critical opportunity for standing out, winning customers, keeping the food fresh, and making them really happy to come to your store because nobody’s meat, seafood, produce, is like your’s.”

Mark Granfar