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Specialty Lighting Solutions for Food Retail Displays

When evaluating a supermarket’s value as a place to shop, the quality and selection of fresh foods is the #1 criteria used by shoppers.

Supermarkets spend increasing amounts of money bringing in the freshest merchandise available locally and afar, while investing in the most advanced refrigerated display cases to house those fresh food items.

Despite this, supermarket departments continue to incur sizable losses due to premature product drying, discoloring, and wilting. The volume of shrinkage that occurs is unnecessary, and when not dealt with immediately, diminishes the quality and selection in the minds of shoppers.

Regular lighting distorts a product’s color and is typically skewed toward the yellow and green end of the spectrum. While the yellow and green spectrum tends to offer strong illumination, it is at the sacrifice of full vibrant colors and the safe and healthy merchandising of fresh foods. While such lamps make sense in an office or warehouse setting, they weaken the effectiveness and sales potential of fresh foods displays. And because they over illuminate a display case with glaring light, fresh products not only look less appealing, they spoil faster, costing the store operator thousands of dollars in lost revenue and waste annually.

Foods that are on display under ordinary LED or fluorescent lighting do not look their best, nor do they retain the same level of freshness as they would under an optimal lighting source such as Promolux’s food-specific lamps.

Promolux professional food lighting is designed to genuinely illuminate perishable merchandise displays and showcase a food’s natural vibrant colors while protecting those fresh products from harmful radiation in the form of heat and light.

Promolux helps grocers increase shelf life by up to 50 percent, and give their perishable department a competitive edge. Our proprietary blend of phosphors and exact coating process provides the most outstanding color definition and highest degree of protection for perishable foods. Recognized world-wide, Promolux lamps are specified by store owners, merchandisers, store designers and display case manufacturers for such applications as fresh meat, seafood, hot and cold deli, bakery, produce, salad bars and floral cases.

Unmatched Outstanding Visual Presentation

Unlike other lamps, Promolux does not enhance some colors at the expense of others; rather, our lamps bring out the full, natural range of color in fresh merchandise without distorting or artificially enhancing its appearance.

Promolux has received the highest Color Preference Index (CPI) rating among shoppers of any lamp in the market. This is because Promolux food lamps are coated with phosphors previously used only for high definition televisions. Such phosphors are much more expensive than those used in regular lamps ($700 a pound vs. $40 a pound), and offer the highest quality color rendering available in any merchandising lamp.

When it comes to key applications such as fresh food merchandise, where the appearance and freshness is critical, Promolux lamps are a wise investment for any business. It only makes sense to merchandise your displays in such a way that products look and stay fresh for greater customer satisfaction.

Extended Freshness and Shelf-life

We’ve been helping food retailers to understand the damaging effects of lighting on fresh merchandise and correct the problem. Faced with shrinkage and re-wrap losses, many supermarkets assume that the problem lies with the dryness of refrigerated air, or the moisture controls within a display case. Yet even after investing heavily in sophisticated display cases, problems such as discoloring of vegetables, drying of sliced deli, and loss of bloom in seafood and meat, persist.

The Engineered Solution of Using Low Radiation Supermarket Food Lighting

The reason, as scientists and supermarkets are uncovering, is that radiation from lighting works directly against the moisture and temperature controls in cases, dehydrating, oxidating and heating merchandise through invisible wavelengths. Studies show that lighting produces several types of radiation that can be damaging to specific products. Ultraviolet and infrared radiation, for example, are associated with surface drying and internal heating of merchandise.

Scientists have also discovered that certain parts of the visible spectrum – in particular those emphasized by regular lighting – can also have damaging effects on fresh products, such as meat, where bacterial growth is a major concern. Promolux lamps help reduce all three kinds of radiation.

Promolux has developed a proprietary, balanced spectrum coating process, that combines excellent color rendering with filters that dramatically lower ultraviolet, infrared and visible spectrum radiation. Promolux lamps have been tested by independent laboratories and been shown to have 86% lower radiation than regular lamps. This technology translates into extended shelf-life for sensitive food, such as organic fruits and vegetables, and fresher products for your customers. Longer bloom in red meat, extra bright scales on your seafood, and moist pastries in your bakery department are a few examples of the remarkable improvement you will see in the quality of your fresh merchandise when using Promolux lamps and LEDs. The result: improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Adding to your Bottom Line

Promolux lighting is one of the simplest and most valuable investments that any food retailer can make. Because Promolux offers benefits beyond illumination, it cannot be considered simply as a maintenance item. Promolux is a merchandising tool, and offers compelling value for any supermarket.

1. Improved Sales: By combining superior presentation with extended freshness, Promolux lamps help fresh food retailers increase purchases based on eye appeal, such as fresh meat, seafood, deli and produce departments. Whether used for prepared food displays or for other applications such as bakery or floral departments, Promolux lamps encourage impulse shopping and complete a successful merchandising program.

2. Reduced Shrinkage and Extended Shelf-Life: A second important benefit of Promolux lighting is the reduced shrinkage and extended shelf-life that results from our non-damaging lamps. While reduced shrinkage means fewer items are thrown out due to drying or other damage, extended shelf-life can add significant revenue by helping retailers maximize their high-margin sales.

Deli meat, for example, may dry out within a few hours and have to be repackaged. While this would not be counted as a “loss”, an extra few hours of freshness would allow for the meat to be sold at a higher price, without the added cost of repackaging. In this way, Promolux helps retailers both reduce costs and increase revenues, which pay for the cost of higher quality Promolux lamps in a short time.

Additional Benefits of Promolux Commercial Lighting

By specifying Promolux commercial lighting you are ensured our commitment to the highest standard of lamp quality and customer service. Our best reference is our forty plus year record of excellence in Europe and North America and our reputation as the most trusted lighting source for thousands of retailers worldwide.

Our lamps and LEDs include a number of quality features that distinguish us from other lamp manufacturers:

1. Increased Life: The inert gases and inner vacuum of Promolux fluorescents and LEDs are calibrated to guarantee maximum life and strong performance in both refrigerated and non-refrigerated cases.

2. Longer Spectrographic Stability: Multiple coatings are individually applied and baked on. The result is that Promolux lamps retain their color balance and definition much longer than other lamps, which often lose their original look very quickly.

3. Health Inspector Approved: Promolux has written approval for fresh food display, such as fresh meat, by food inspection agencies in all states and countries where such approvals are required.

4. Custom Sizes and Specifications: Promolux manufactures LEDs, fluorescents, halogens, and incandescents in a variety of sizes and types. In addition, Promolux works with retailers and store designers to develop custom lamps that meet your unique lighting needs.

Meat and Deli Display Cases under Promolux LED Specialty lighting

Platinum Color Series

The Promolux offering is generally divided into food and non-food merchandising, with the Platinum color series ideal for food applications, and the Premium White color series ideal for non-food applications. Custom LED development is also available.

 Fresh fruit and Veggies look amazing with Promolux Seafood stays fresh longer with Promolux Lighting Fruit displayed under Promolux lasts longer Meat discoloration is minimized with Promolux lights