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Specialty Lighting Solutions for Food Retail Displays

Meat and Deli Display Cases under Promolux LED Specialty lighting

Using the same Promolux color formula specified by major retailers worldwide, Promolux lamps use less energy, and should always be used in applications where good color presentation is critical.

Platinum Color Series

The Promolux offering is generally divided into food and non-food merchandising, with the Platinum color series ideal for food applications, and the Premium White color series ideal for non-food applications. Custom LED development is also available. This catalog focuses primarily on food specific lighting.

Seeing is Believing…

Appearance, freshness, and shelf life are big factors when it comes to maintaining sales and shopper satisfaction. Promolux lighting delivers the correct balance of light and color for clear and crisp looking displays.


 Fresh fruit and Veggies look amazing with Promolux Seafood stays fresh longer with Promolux Lighting Fruit displayed under Promolux lasts longer Meat discoloration is minimized with Promolux lights