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Specialty Lighting Solutions for Fresh Meat Displays

Assortment of meat, beef, chicken, poultry on display

When considering Promolux lighting, we always recommend beginning with service and self-serve meat cases because the investment in product in these types of cases is very high. Furthermore, as it is perishable, any discoloration, dehydration, or degradation of the product is noticeable immediately.

Promolux lighting showcases fresh meat in the best possible light, attracting customers to your displays, while at the same time minimizing the damage caused by regular lighting.

When it comes to fresh meat merchandising and protection there is simply no other lamp that can compare to Promolux.

Effects of Promolux Lighting on Meat by the McNeese UniversityClick here for a study on the effects of Promolux lighting on the shelf life of ground beef patties

Promolux allows the fresh meat's natural colors to 'pop'! Promolux's fresh vibrant colors in a multi-deck meat case Attractive displays with Promolux over a self-serve meat case Visual 'wow' with Promolux in a service meat case