Specialty Lighting Solutions for Fresh Meat Displays

Assortment of meat, beef, chicken, poultry on display

When considering Promolux lighting, we always recommend beginning with service and self-serve meat cases because the investment in product in these types of cases is very high. Furthermore, as it is perishable, any discoloration, dehydration, or degradation of the product is noticeable immediately.

Promolux lighting showcases fresh meat in the best possible light, attracting customers to your displays, while at the same time minimizing the damage caused by regular lighting and temperature changes.

Gourmet and Specialty Fresh Meat Display Case Lighting

Improper fresh food retail lighting impacts meat displays in several ways. First, “regular” fluorescents and LED lighting can alter the color, smell, flavor, of meat and increase the rapid rate of spoilage significantly affecting the sellability of that item.

The popularity of organic foods has even transcended into the meat showcases of butchers and gourmet meat shops and delicatessens.

Organic meats are now prominently on display and with fewer preservatives, they are even more sensitive to the effects of case lighting.

Gourmet food retail shoppers are more likely than ever to select meat based on its color and freshness. In fact, many studies have shown that color is the primary means by which consumers judge meat juiciness, tenderness and flavor.

Fresh Meat Displays

Farm fresh butcher shops and local grocery stores can extend the shelf life of their meat products and add to the sales value and profitability of the case by using a food light like Promolux which is specifically engineered for fresh food retail displays. Promolux fluorescent lights and LEDs designed for meat lighting, protect the bloom, the natural juices and flavor of assorted meat products, and processed and cured meats, ensuring shoppers are more satisfied with their purchase.

When it comes to fresh meat merchandising and protection there is simply no other lamp that can compare to Promolux.

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Effects of Promolux Lighting on Meat by the McNeese UniversityClick here for a study on the effects of Promolux lighting on the shelf life of ground beef patties

Promolux allows the fresh meat's natural colors to 'pop'! Promolux's fresh vibrant colors in a multi-deck meat case Attractive displays with Promolux over a self-serve meat case Visual 'wow' with Promolux in a service meat case