Reduce Shrink and Improve Freshness2024-03-19T07:13:35+00:00

Reduce Shrink and Improve Freshness

Once a shopper is inside a supermarket the real tragedy is if they walk out without buying anything.

Consumers buy based on what they perceive to be fresh and what they find appealing. Promolux LEDs bring out the natural color of perishables and ensure food remains fresher longer.

“We’ve all gone to a meat department and looked at a package of ground beef and we’ve all seen some that have turned brown at the top and have a little bit a brown or discoloration. And what we do? We don’t buy that; we sift through them and we find one that looks fresh to us and that’s the key word.

We buy, people buy, consumers buy on what we perceive to be fresh and what we find appealing. So if we see that ground beef that is a little bit discolored or just doesn’t look right to us and we put it aside and we look for something else and we grab that, then they have to either shave off that discolored ground beef or throw the whole package away and that’s money that they’re throwing in the garbage.”

Scott Werhun