Attract Shoppers to Your Fresh Food Displays

Promolux Lighting Solutions for Refrigerated Display Cases

Promolux’s balanced spectrum lighting showcases fresh food products with natural colors while protecting them from harmful radiation. Our lamps have a patented color formula preferred by major retailers and maintain their efficiency longer while consuming less energy.

When it comes to your meat, deli, seafood, and other fresh food displays, our LED lighting is specifically tailored to make them stand out. We understand that vibrant and appealing visuals are key to attracting shoppers and driving sales. That’s why our lighting solutions create an inviting and appetizing atmosphere, highlighting the freshness and quality of your products.

Ideal for fresh food retail merchandising where color presentation is critical.

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Fresh Food Preservation with Specialized LED Lighting

Minimize Photo Oxidation and Extend Shelf Life

We understand the importance of protecting fresh foods from the detrimental effects of photo oxidation and lipid oxidation caused by ordinary lighting in refrigerated displays. Our food-specific LED lamps operate at currents of less than 50mA, significantly lower than other brands that use currents up to 1000mA. This not only minimizes damage to fresh foods but also conserves energy and lowers the overall temperature inside the refrigerated display case. Moreover, our meticulously balanced wavelengths of the visible spectrum further reduce photo oxidation, ensuring optimal preservation of your fresh food products.

Enhance Sales with Vibrant Color Definition

Experience a new level of visual appeal and increased sales

Delivering the most saturated and natural colors for food display lighting in grocery stores. Our innovative lighting solutions have been designed to offer consistent color throughout all departments, eliminating the need for multiple light sources and ensuring uniformity for perishable products such as meat, fish, deli, bakery, dairy, fruits, and more. With Promolux lamps, you can create fresh, bright, and vibrant displays that showcase the true essence of your products, captivating customers and driving sales.

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Extend Shelf Life

Our LEDs balance wavelengths to reduce photo-oxidation in foods, helping to preserve their quality and freshness for longer periods

Precise Color Definition

Promolux enhances the true, vibrant colors of products, presenting them in their most natural and authentic form

Reduce Shrinkage

Shrinkage is minimized when using Promolux’s low UV and balanced spectrum display case lighting

Explore Promolux Product Catalogs

Discover Our Range of Lighting Solutions for Every Retail Environment

Dive into our comprehensive product catalogs to explore Promolux’s cutting-edge lighting solutions designed to enhance the visual appeal and freshness of your products. Whether you’re looking for innovative LED lighting for supermarket displays or specialized solutions for meat and seafood cases, we have you covered. Find the perfect lighting solution for your retail space.

4000K Spectrum


“Cool White”


Emphasis on Light Blue & Light Green
• Colors have no “pop” / dull
• This light drains color from everything
• Whites have slight blue over wash

3000K Spectrum


“Warm White”


Emphasis on Yellow
• Colors have yellow over wash / dull
• Makes red meat look very orangey-brown
• Whites have full yellow over wash

3500K Spectrum




Emphasis on Yellow/Orange
• Colors have yellow over wash
• Makes red meat look orangey-brown
• Whites have full yellow tinge

Promolux Platinum

Platinum Color

Balanced Spectrum

Platinum Color

Filtering out yellow spectrum to protect fresh food, leaving small spikes in deep red and deep blue.*
• All colors are deep, saturated & vibrant
• Ideal for meat, seafood, produce, deli & floral
• Whites are clean, crisp & vivid

*This is not a “white” light LED. It’s a Balanced Spectrum LED where all colors “pop” and whites are crisp and vivid.

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Unleash True Colors

Promolux Lighting for Non-Food Settings

Promolux lamps are also available for non-food applications where color definition and visual ergonomics are of utmost importance. Retailers of heat-sensitive and color-critical products, including clothing stores, flower shops, and cosmetic departments, have recognized the value of specifying Promolux lamps.

Our lighting is increasingly being sought after in various new and exciting sectors, such as medical and dental settings, museums, print shops, and other industries where accurate color rendering is essential. Experience the difference with Promolux lighting in applications where true color matters.

LED lighting for clothing stores

Promolux Distributorship Program

Join Our Exclusive Network

At Promolux, we take pride in collaborating with exceptional individuals and businesses who share our commitment to quality and excellence. Our distributorship opportunities are designed for dealers who strive to enhance the value of their customer’s purchases through top-notch products and unparalleled service.

As a Promolux distributor, you’ll have the chance to build trust and foster stronger relationships with your customers by offering expert advice on effectively illuminating their products. We believe in vetting our dealers and partnering with high-caliber professionals to ensure we deliver nothing but the best to our clients.

If you’re interested in becoming a representative of Promolux LED lights, we encourage you to reach out to us to start the application process. Together, we can create superior lighting solutions and elevate the shopping experience for retailers and customers alike. Take the first step towards a rewarding partnership by contacting us today to explore the exciting opportunities that await.

Promolux Lighting Solutions in Your Area

Find a Local Distributor

Discover Promolux lighting solutions in your area by finding a trusted distributor who can cater to your specific needs. Our extensive network of distributors ensures easy access to our high-quality products and expert guidance right in your region.

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Replace and upgrade your current lamps effortlessly with Promolux LED food lighting

Compatible with all major brands of commercial refrigeration

Promolux stands out as one of the few companies offering retrofit systems that allow fresh food retailers to seamlessly transition from regular LEDs and fluorescent tubes to our advanced LED technology, utilizing the existing driver and ballast as a power source. This eliminates labor costs and mitigates the risks associated with using direct current in commercial refrigeration.

Promolux fresh food LED lighting are compatible with all major brands of Grocery Stores Refrigerated Display Cases such as:

Kysor Warren
Epta group
Structural Concepts
Southern Case Arts
Borgen Systems
Zero Zone
• True Manufacturing
Cayuga Displays
Federal Industries
De Rigo
• Pastorfrigor
LU-VE Group
Frost Tech

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“Promolux has been great for years. Better colouration, reduced discolouration; and slower bacteria growth… Always used this product in Deli-Meat”

Doug Newstead, Retired VP, Calgary CO-OP
whole foods logo

“When we first experimented with Promolux LEDs about a year ago, I put them in only half of my case, but they were so appealing and made the regular LEDs look awful in comparison, that within 2 weeks I put Promolux LEDs in the entire case.”

A. J. Lynn, Whole Foods
McCall Candy logo

“I started looking for better lights because on our ice cream we were constantly getting a frost build up and high condensation. I found Promolux on the Internet and they gave me the name of a distributor in my area. When I put Promolux bulbs in my case, I no longer had any trouble with frost build up or condensation. And with Promolux – customers often comment to me that the colors of my ice cream are so bright and vibrant – no matter which flavor. I am in the process of opening another store, and let me tell you – one of the first things I am doing is yanking the regular bulbs out of my case and replacing them with Promolux!”

Scotty Davenport (Owner), The McCall Candy Company
IGA logo

“We have installed Promolux LEDs in our Produce, Meat and Deli departments. It really brings out the natural colours that other LEDs seem to wash away. They make everything look great.”

Robert Lamonica, Store Owner, IGA Haberfield NSW
whole foods logo

“We use Promolux in the meat department right now and without a doubt, the color is much better. It makes the product more appealing to our customers – who can be extremely picky. The colors are so brilliant; Promolux adds another life to our presentation!”

Dennis Sealy, Whole Foods, Rochester Hills, MI

“The instant Promolux LEDs were installed in my service meat case, you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!  I can’t tell you how many customers have commented on how beautiful the meat displays look.  I am 110% satisfied with Promolux LEDs!”

Glen Bessey, Bessey's Meat Market

Over the course of our enduring partnership with Highland Farms, Promolux has consistently been their go-to choice for enhancing the visual appeal and freshness of their Seafood, Poultry, Meat, and Deli departments.

Highland Farms, a renowned name in the retail industry, has relied on the innovative Promolux LED Slimline Bar to address the unique lighting needs of these crucial sections within their stores. This long-standing trust in Promolux is a testament to the exceptional quality and performance that our LED lighting solutions consistently deliver.


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