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Enhance Freshness, Minimize SpoilageColdmeat Promulux

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The Power of Balanced Spectrum LEDs

Enhance Freshness, Minimize Spoilage

In the dynamic world of retail, lighting is more than just a tool; it’s a crucial component of your merchandising strategy. When it comes to deli displays, where food is often presented with minimal packaging, the impact of lighting is profound. Unchecked, billions of dollars’ worth of food are discarded annually due to spoilage—a problem that can be mitigated effectively.

Specialty Lighting Solutions

Promolux Lighting for Deli and Prepared Food Displays

Retailers who merchandise their deli cases with Promolux display case lighting enjoy a competitive advantage over those who merchandise with regular lighting. Deli meat, leafy greens, juicy red tomatoes, potato salad and so on are displayed in the best possible colors.

The typical observation when Promolux lamps are installed in a deli case is “wow!”

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Illuminate Success: How Promolux Lighting Maximizes Freshness and Boosts Deli Sales

Shoppers buy based on what they perceive to be fresh; cold cuts, sausages, sliced deli meats and cheeses quickly lose their appeal if they don’t look fresh and tasty. With a balanced color spectrum and reduced radiation, Promolux lamps minimize shrink and allow retailers to increase sales in their deli departments. When it comes to deli merchandising and protection there is simply no other lighting solution that can compare to Promolux.

Unlocking the Power of Promolux: Preserving Freshness, Enhancing Appeal

Spoilage in deli departments is often an avoidable tragedy. The culprits? Light and heat, particularly in the form of damaging UV and IR radiation. These elements trigger physical and chemical changes in food composition, resulting in discoloration, premature spoilage, and the unwelcome growth of bacteria and pathogens.

The Promolux Advantage: Filtering Out Harmful Radiation for Extended Freshness
Here’s a game-changer: Promolux LEDs are designed to filter out a higher percentage of damaging radiation, significantly prolonging the shelf life of perishable foods. Our balanced spectrum low radiation light optimizes different parts of the spectrum, minimizing the harmful yellow and green portions that accelerate food deterioration.

Promolux: Where Visual Appeal Meets Food Preservation
Why compromise the quality of your deli foods after investing in top-notch display cases? Promolux lamps and LEDs not only create a visually appealing atmosphere but also prioritize the integrity of your perishable goods. Don’t let your lighting choice sabotage your profits—choose Promolux for an illuminated display that preserves freshness and protects your investment.

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“Purchasing the Promolux lamps has been very beneficial for our business. The lights in the deli case have improved our display and extended shelf life on all products, which means less waste and an increase in sales.”

Ned Ryan, Store Owner, IGA Boonah
“We recently purchased L70T8 Promolux bulbs for our dairy display case and are pleased with their performance. We are very concerned about the high levels of UV radiation emitted by fluorescent bulbs. Additionally this type of radiation causes vitamin degradation, off flavor development, and the “pinking affect” in cheddar cheese. These problems have been eliminated when we installed your Promolux merchandising lights in our dairy case.

The light emitted from your Promolux bulbs is very appealing and makes our dairy product display case very attractive for our customers. We continue to receive positive customer feedback from our customers. I recommend Promolux bulbs to food companies that provide dairy products in their display cases.”

Thomas Palchak, Penn State Berkey Creamery
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“We have installed Promolux lamps in our Produce, Meat and Deli departments. It really brings out the natural colors that other lamps seem to wash away. They make everything look great.”

Robert Lamonica, Store Owner, IGA Haberfield NSW

Refrigerated Delicatessen Cheeses in Retail Display Cases

Extend Cheese Shelf Life

Cheese is created and aged in cool, dry, and dark conditions, carefully protected from light. Under display conditions in delicatessens, cheese becomes faded, dehydrated, and can develop off-flavors.

Cheese Dehydration and Discoloration

UV and visible spectrum radiation from deli display case lighting penetrate through refrigerated temperatures and clear wrappings to raise the surface temperature of merchandised cheese, causing the cheese to dry out.

Promolux lamps reduce the rate of chemical reactions in cheese caused by heat and light radiation. Compared to other lighting, Promolux lamps prevent over 86% of UV B radiation and 52% of UV A radiation from entering a case, thereby extending the shelf life, flavor, color, and nutritional integrity of the cheese product.

Delicatessen Salads in Refrigerated Supermarket Cabinets

Spoilage of Deli Salads in Refrigerated Showcases

The right deli display case lighting brings out the natural colors of deli salads, and will extend deli salad shelf life by minimizing shrinkage and spoilage.

Damaging light radiation can penetrate clear saran wrappings and will raise surface temperatures of salads even in refrigerated display case environments and in deli cases with humidifiers and misters.

The combined exposure of light and oxygen can cause fats to become rancid, while raised temperatures provide an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and food borne pathogens especially in salads containing eggs, mayonnaise, and dairy products.

Even small temperature increases can lead to food poisoning, and display case lighting has been shown to increase the surface temperature of displayed food by 10° F or more. An increase of 2° F can make seafood salads unsafe within two to four hours.

Designed for true color definition, Promolux LEDs have a more balanced visible spectrum than other lamps. The yellow and green wavelengths that are predominant in regular lighting are the most damaging wavelengths in the visible spectrum. Promolux lamps and LEDs emit a more balanced range of wavelengths, including more of the red and blue wavelengths and more moderate levels of the yellow and green wavelengths. Promolux deli display case lighting brings out the natural colors of deli salads, and extends shelf life by reducing shrinkage and spoilage.

Dehydration of Deli Salads in Retail Merchandisers

Most deli display case lighting emits heat, which can raise temperatures of deli salads, quickly drying them out. Deli shops and food service stations lose money when salads that are sold by weight become dehydrated.

Fruit salads and leafy green salads wilt under the dehydrating effects of deli display case lighting, and jello salads form a tough skin.

Salads with mayonnaise dressings such as macaroni salad and tuna salad require frequent stirring to keep them looking fresh and to prevent the surface from hardening and forming an unappetizing dry surface layer.

Salad Bars in Grocery Store Deli Departments

Promolux True Color Definition Lamps

Salad bars containing leafy green vegetables and fruit salads need constant maintenance to prevent dehydration and other damaging effects caused by display case lighting. Jello also dehydrates quickly, becoming tough and rubbery. Wilted lettuce is unappetizing, and the loss of water in salad bar items leads to lost profit when the salad is sold by weight. Retail display case lighting that emits high levels of UV and visible spectrum radiation raises the surface temperature of foods on display, even if the salad bar is refrigerated.

Dairy products such as cottage cheese and creamy salad dressings are sensitive to the effects of light. Within four minutes of exposure to ultraviolet light, the fats in milk and cream turn rancid and lose nutrients, particularly riboflavin and vitamin A.

Stores that throw away salad bar items every two hours to be sure that everything is fresh, lose money that could be saved by changing the lighting to Promolux lamps which minimize spoilage and dehydration.

Promolux lamps emit a more balanced range of wavelengths, including more of the red and blue wavelengths and more moderate levels of the yellow and green wavelengths which are great for salad bars and food service counters where there is a wealth of bright natural colors and fresh offerings.

With Promolux, food stores see results right away in reduced waste and greater sales through improved visual presentation which boosts consumer impulse spending.

Preserving Sushi Freshness with Promolux LED Lighting

Ensuring Sushi Quality and Presentation

When it comes to sushi, freshness and presentation are paramount. Sushi enthusiasts are not just looking for a meal; they seek an experience that excites their senses. Proper illumination of your sushi display can make all the difference.

sushi display lighting

Savoring Freshness: Sushi relies on the freshest ingredients. Whether it’s succulent fish, crisp vegetables, or perfectly seasoned rice, the visual appeal of sushi can be as crucial as its taste. With Promolux LED lighting, we ensure that your sushi looks as fresh as the day it was prepared. Our lighting solution brings out the vibrant colors of your ingredients, enticing customers to indulge in your exquisite sushi offerings.

Minimizing Color Distortion: Sushi masters understand the importance of precise color representation. Regular lighting can distort the true colors of sushi, leading to misperceptions of freshness and quality. Our LED lighting is designed to deliver accurate color rendering, ensuring your sushi looks as beautiful as it tastes. From the rich reds of tuna to the lush greens of avocado, your sushi will shine under the gentle glow of Promolux.

Extending Shelf Life: Sushi is best when it’s fresh, and freshness is a combination of taste, texture, and appearance. Using Promolux LED lighting, you not only enhance the visual appeal of your sushi but also extend its shelf life. By minimizing the damaging effects of UV radiation and heat, our lighting solution helps preserve the delicate balance of flavors and textures that sushi lovers crave.

Healthy and Sustainable: Beyond the aesthetic benefits, our LED lighting is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Using less energy, Promolux reduces your carbon footprint, contributing to a sustainable dining experience. Your customers can enjoy delicious sushi while feeling good about the responsible choices your establishment makes.

Elevate your sushi presentation, attract discerning customers, and reduce food waste with Promolux LED lighting. We understand that sushi is an art form, and our lighting is the perfect brush to make your masterpiece truly shine. Join the ranks of top sushi establishments that trust Promolux for the finest LED lighting solutions.

Whether it’s a classic nigiri or a contemporary sushi roll, your sushi creations deserve the spotlight they get under Promolux LED lighting. Make your sushi the star of your display case and watch as delighted customers return for more.

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