Specialty Lighting Solutions for Dessert Displays

Baked goods and cakes display

Fancy decorated cakes, chocolates, ice cream cakes, gelatos, pastries, fruit pies, donuts, muffins, candies, and similar desserts, are all delicacies that are sold through their appetizing displays and visual appeal. Common lighting, however, is not ideal due to its limited color definition as well as the harmful effects it can have on dessert products, causing them to lose their color and alter their taste.

Professionals in the dessert industry know that desserts will change color when exposed to common light sources, a phenomenon known as photo oxidation. Also, desserts that contain fats such as shortening, vegetable oil, or milk fat, will suffer lipid oxidation which will negatively affect their smell, taste, and appearance. However, trying to protect such merchandise against damage from light by covering them or simply not displaying them reduces sales significantly as it affects impulse purchases.

Promolux lamps can extend the shelf life of your desserts by over 50% and increase sales by showing vivid, fresh, mouth watering colors that make these displays most appetizing. Common fluorescent lamps and LEDs distort towards the yellow and green portions of the spectrum, while balanced spectrum Promolux lamps are designed to bring out the most natural and fresh colors by using the full visible spectrum.

Now you can rely on one light source to contrast the true white of whipped cream with the natural and bright red tones in strawberries and raspberries, fresh green kiwis, dark chocolates, and the browns in the crusts of pies.

In addition to better visual merchandising through first-rate color definition, Promolux lighting protects the shelf life of fresh desserts because they emit significantly lower levels of radiation than regular bakery display case lighting. This reduces their overall photochemical effect and makes for safer conditions for desserts that contain creams, egg or dairy based components.

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