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Small Investment, Huge Benefit

Supermarkets spend hundreds and thousands of dollars designing perishable departments; tens of thousands alone on refrigerated display equipment.

Regular LEDs not only discolor and damage food, they do nothing to help with merchandising. Promolux LEDs are a very small part of the overall investment in a perishable department, but the most significant part of an eye-catching perishable food merchandising program.

“I was at a store that had its display cases turned off and I was told to go and give them advice. And I said, ‘Well, this is not my area of work. You need an electrician to turn these lights on.’ They said, ‘No, no, we turn them off on purpose because they are damaging our food.’ And yet the person in charge of buying the right lights said, ‘Oh, I won’t pay that price.’

So it’s better to have a display case at a major national chain in the U.S., in Seattle, turn off its lights and still do business. And nobody is listening to that lady behind the counter who is saying, ‘Please help me. This is costing us hundreds of dollars a week.’ How could a hundred dollars more or less in lighting not be justified?”

Mark Granfar