The Importance of Fresh Food Merchandising2024-03-19T07:14:14+00:00

The Importance of Fresh Food Merchandising

Promolux’s proprietary color spectrum is engineered to compensate for ambient lighting that illuminates but does not show rich full color. In instances where the lighting is in close proximity to food, such as service cases, Promolux LEDs create a visual “WOW!”

Business Development Manager, Scott Werhun, briefly explains how – and the tremendous benefit Promolux LEDs bring to merchandising programs.

“Regular lighting is designed to illuminate and it does that, it does just that. It gives us light, but it sacrifices color so Promolux puts in the colors that are missing typically from regular lighting; the deep reds and deep blues. And also it has a very balanced, clean and crisp, clear white. You can put a red steak right beside or on a white serving tray; the red steak will look very cherry red and bright and the white will be clean and crisp and it’ll be a very good white so it’s very good color definition for each color.

For a retailer that matters tremendously because that’s the product they’re trying to sell so they need it to catch our eye as consumers when we’re in the store. And of course fresh food has no fancy packaging so it’s all about how the food looks to us as consumers when we’re in the store.”

Scott Werhun