Specialty LED Lighting Solutions for Cosmetic Displays

Side by Side comparison of regular LEDs (left pic) and Promolux LEDs (right pic)

There are so many slight color differences in the spectrum of lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows, nail polish and so on, that by not using Promolux LEDs you risk having those color variations go unnoticed.

The successful application of cosmetic products depends heavily on both the skill of the individual applying the product and their ability to properly see what they have applied. Avoiding uneven application is key, and obtaining an accurate representation of color while applying products is fundamental to achieving a desirable and natural result.

Promolux LED lights have been specifically designed and engineered to solve these common problems. Certain frequencies of the lighting spectrum have been enhanced to accentuate colors commonly found in cosmetics. While harmful UV frequencies have been reduced by 86% to protect sensitive skin and control unwanted heat, allowing cosmetic products to sustain their intended consistency.

Retailers often experience requests for refunds from unsatisfied customers because the poor lighting in the store prevented them from making an informed decision regarding precise color.

Promolux LEDs have a vibrant, balanced, full color spectrum and allow all color variations in every product to be accurately represented.

At Promolux, we understand that cosmetic products require the right lighting for their true colors to shine. Cosmeticians are artists and the face is their canvas. Our revolutionary lighting will yield the best results in the cosmetics industry today. With great results comes greater customer satisfaction. Inevitably achieving sales growth and increased revenue.

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