Specialty Lighting Solutions for Dairy Product Displays

Refrigerated dairy products are very sensitive to heat and light. Grocery dairy merchandiser lighting should safely illuminate the products without impacting the nutritional integrity and flavor of the items on display. Unfortunately, many grocery store displays are installed with “regular” household fluorescent lights and LEDs that are too strong and too skewed in their spectrum for the safe merchandising of dairy products.

Within a few hours of exposure to improper fluorescent display case lighting, milkfats turn rancid in a photochemical reaction called lipid oxidation. Lipid oxidation causes dairy products to develop off-flavors and destroys several vitamins, lowering the nutritional value of the dairy product.

Shoppers often notice the difference and are put off from buying dairy products when they perceive the freshness and integrity to be compromised.

The type of packaging used in dairy products will determine how much exposure to light occurs and its impact on the nutritional integrity and food safety of the product. Clear, opaque packaging is the least desirable, solid milk cartons that deflect light are the most ideal.

Promolux fluorescent lights and LEDs will reduce the amount of heat and damaging uv that enters the display cases while illuminating the myriad of colors of all the packaging for attracting shoppers’ attention.

Dairy Case Lighting – Milking the Profits

It’s not just light that affects the dairy products on display, the infra-red radiation (ambient heat from both internal & external sources) that penetrates the case also creates a food safety risk and adds to the amount of daily spoiled product that must be pulled from the shelves.

All types of dairy products including yogurts, packaged cheeses, sour creams, cottage cheeses, butter, tofu and whip creams are adversely affected by ambient heat and light.

And once an items temperature rises, even a few degrees, the nutritional integrity and food safety is jeopardized.

At the end of the day, the variation in product temperatures can mean hundreds of dollars of product that must be thrown out, representing lost revenue for the store owner.

For added food safety we recommend that grocery retailers install Promolux low radiation lights and LEDs in all their open refrigerated display cases.

Promolux Cuts Shrinkage By Up To 50%

Promolux fluorescent lamps and LEDs minimize the emission of damaging visible spectrum and UV wavelengths. Reduce shrinkage by 30 to 50 percent compared to the level of shrinkage caused by standard dairy display case lights just by using Promolux lights in your commercial display cases.

These savings will vary depending upon the duration of light exposure, as well as the type of packaging, the fat content and how the dairy product has been processed. For many retailers the savings more than justifies the installation of Promolux lamps in all of their fresh food and dairy display cases.

Don’t accept daily shrink and discard as an acceptable “cost of doing business”, start recouping lost revenue, grow sales and max an impact with your merchandising program today!

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